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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_openlyrics (not my release)
Last post by Supermansaga -
It's definitely better than Lyric Show Panel 3 0.5 which hasn't been updated for 5 years and never seems to have worked for me. Not even any English songs. I wonder if it requires some special configuration that I am not aware of?

Back to OpenLyrics, it's much better and a godsend. But it doesn't seem like NetEase is a good source for any lyrics. Could the source of lyrics be diversified? I was referring to this album Various.Artists.The.Best.Of.Bond....James.Bond. Not all the songs has lyrics. But this is not even a new album. So I am just curious.

Maybe I am just picky. Hopefully this is available on the mobile app version too. I highly appreciate it.
CUETools / Re: 'Failed to load ripper module'
Last post by Adil -
I must be making a mistake at some point.

Using TortoiseGit, I downloaded the latest source code in a local repository on my computer, opened Visual Studio 2017 with all available updates, and compiled only CUETools, CUERipper and BluTools, although there are other build options, as shown in the image I attached below.

Finished the compilations, I went to the subdirectory "CUETools" and executed the file "collect_files.bat" that exists there.

Inside the "bin" subdirectory, I opened the "Release" directory and there are two directories where the executables are found: "CUETools_2.1.9" and "net47".

In both places, when opening CUERipper, the same problem previously reported occurred. Please what am I doing wrong?
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Synchronizing playlists on two systems
Last post by regor -
I will try the portable install on the network drive. If two desktops can use it simultaneously without problems it may be the easiest solution for me.
I have no experience with that, but to my understanding, you'd have to remember to close foobar on one machine before opening it on the other.

Since foobar only loads the config (playlists) when you open it, and only saves them when you close it (or use the menu command). In other words any changes you make to playlists would not show up on the other - and would be overwritten - if both machines have the same foobar open at once, so you'd have to close / restart for changes to keep in sync. (Right?)
That part is right. Obviously I supposed you would never run the 2 instances at the same time, if you do things will break.
But running it from multiple places at different times works fine and is like "syncing" in practice. If that's your use case go on, otherwise you will have to go the SMP route or symlink.
General Audio / Re: How to shift entire audiofile by 24kHz
Last post by drewfx -
Hi, back in analogue times this was done with a frequency mixer.
Maybe you can simulate a ring modulator by software?

The term is frequency shifter - which is different from, but sometimes confused with a pitch shifter. It is related to a ring mod. A ring mod produces both sum and difference frequencies and suppresses the original signal whereas a frequency shifter breaks the sum frequencies and difference frequencies out separately.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Masstagger: syntax to reduce date field
Last post by j7n -
Here is a MassTagger preset function that decapitalizes a list of common 3-letter and shorter words and makes some exceptions. Minimal manual fixup is required. It is not possible to perfectly automate the process because phrasal verbs need to be understood in context. It processes artist, title and album, but you can add more fields at the start and end. Use the "Import from file" button to load the preset.
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