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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Streaming foobar from pc to pc
Last post by Skinsuite -
Thank you! But it seems to be a lot of work to do. The hole subject "Server" is very uncommon to me. But thank you very much!
Fixed it perfectly, very weird hopefully nothing else was broken.
General - (fb2k) / MQA, Dragonfly, & Foobar
Last post by ctbarker32 -

I am trying to get my newly updated Audioquest DragonFly Red with MQA support (fw 1.06) working with Foobar. I have some MQA Flac files from 2L and David Ellis and I have enabled the WASAPI (no ASIO) driver output in Foobar. When I switch between regular or high resolution FLAC files I see the colored light on the DR change from Green for 44k to Magenta for 96k. But when I play the MQA files the DR doesn't change to the expected Purple color that indicates a MQA file is being played.

As anyone tested this and gotten this working?

Support - (fb2k) / Re: foobar mobile (Android) - FTP error
Last post by tpijag -

i wanted to change the default artist/album syntax so the albums's date would be listed in accordance with my folders

here's an example

chronologically, the slowdive folders are correct, however the current syntax makes them appear in the alphabetical order

[%album artist% - ]['['%date%']' ]%album%|[[%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%. ][%track artist% - ]%title%

i guess i could input the month of release or year-a, year b, (...), in the date tag, but i would rather resort to those as alternatives

i knows it's a quirk of mine, but i really couldn't get to understand these weird codes to solve this by myself

thanks in advance
Thanks for the reassurance, gentlemen.

The "unfortunate" part of the code change is simply that it's going to cause additional expense to the renovation.

I have no specific reason to fear a problem, beyond noisephobia and general fear of touching anything that theoretically could cause more of it. And the "no question is too stupid to ask [as long as you're willing to actually accept counsel, or at least engage it in good faith]" theory.

There is already one known noise gremlin in this house: the TV is on the same circuit as the thermostat, and there's a ground loop currently mitigated with a cheater plug on the TV. (Too bad HDMI isn't optical.) Thankfully we're on fiber instead of cable now; the cable installation also caused hum, requiring an isolation transformer.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: need WASAPI help
Last post by jaynyc -
I can confirm Wasapi Push works, but Wasapi Event does not.

Not sure if there is a better or more formal way to raise awareness of this bug.
Resample to 32kHz and use lossyWAV. Audible band. No psychoacoustics.

Windowing and FFT-ing (or similar) without psychoacoustics may or may not be as efficient (efficiency being a vague concept in this context anyway), and probably risks audible artefacts (easily introduced by dumb application of transform functions).

Phelix from the now-defunct Phonome Labs.  An ancient Java app (files dated 2007) - I was able to track it down again from
Boasts of managing both offset and volume differences.  Reports matches by Data, Audio and Tags.  Seems that "Data" means bit-exact audio part.

Sucks because:
Handles only MP3 and OGG. Not even WAVE.
Ten years old, unsupported, vendor gone, no way of buying the full version
Not the most user-friendly UI.
Crashes quite a bit.

And a few more to tick off: I have not tried the following, as they appear not to have any way to compare audio:
Not tried, as they do not appear to have any way to compare audio:
iTunes, certainly. (claims to be able to find similar pictures, does not claim to do the same for audio) and the seemingly identical
Abee, allegedly hard-to-uninstall junkware
These defunct vendors:

And these MacOS based ones.  I do not use appleware, but from the description it is clear that they do not use audio fingerprinting:

Two more for other reasons: TuneUp, , requires Windows Media Player (I have managed to click cancel on every occasion for years now) or iTunes (no way!).  And, no use testing as it seems to just be AudioDedupe.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Appreciation
Last post by 2tec -
I just wanted to say a few words of appreciation for this wonderful, wonderful little music application.  I love foobar2000 sooooo much! 
As much as I appreciate Peter & Foobar2000, it's the community around it that gets equal respect in my book. Thanks to all!