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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by gr8cx -
hi 3dyd

in new version bug?

in previous version i generated "hh_ello.m3u" file with content
... next 2052 lines

then i foobar->file->add files add him to playlist and then play

but in beta 2.0 i get errors when play button
Unable to open item for playback (Unsupported file format):
My current Sennheiser headphones are over-ear, and oh so comfortable for daily all-day use. Too bad they're discontinued: HD580. They used to be part of the Hydrogen Audio logo, a long time ago.

I would still have my 580s except someone broke into my house a few years back and stole them and about $5k of other stuff. The good news was that we were well-insured, but good new 580s were gone, used 580s had become unobtainium.  I think Sennheiser discontinued them because the found they could sell what was basically the same thing with a few audiophile bells and whistles added, for several times more.
Vinyl / Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by Arnold B. Krueger -
So you knew the answer all along and were just laying bait?
Yes. I knew I was not mistaken. I've seen plenty of cartridges that lost their zeal.

I stopped reading his posts for the most part. .

For your next major accomplishment, please stop replying to my posts without reading them. This is obviously what is happening. Your replies would make no sense at all, otherwise.
Vinyl / Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by Arnold B. Krueger -
Re "cantilever life": It's likely Atmasphere is referring to the elastic polymer ("rubber") block that supports the cantilever. In some cases, as it ages it can either turn to "goo" (the cantilever collapses and the cartridge scrapes the record), or harden (the compliance decreases, causing tracking problems).

That is exactly what I alluded to here, and then posted explicitly down the thread

Problem is, the suspension and the cantilever are so different that I can't imagine  out how anybody who has any kind of a workable understanding of how cartridges work would confuse them. Knowing that I may be dealing with unimaginable amounts of ignorance, I even posted a tutorial with a annotated picture containing that information, apparently to no avail.
Hi WilB
For my view by Band (album artist) I'm using;
View by Band // $if2($swapprefix([$meta(band,0)],A,The), 'Non Album')|$if($stricmp($meta(band,0),various artists),,['('%date%') '])%album%[|Disk %discnumber%]|[%tracknumber% ][%track artist% - ]%title%

This works great for albums without a disk number field ie I get;
1st node: band
2nd node: (date) album
3rd node: track number etc

On an album with a disc number I get;
1st node: band
2nd node: (date) album - Disk 1 ((date) album - Disk 2 etc)
3rd node: track number etc

What I'm aiming for is;
1st node: band
2nd node: (date) album
3rd node: Disk 1 (Disk 2 etc)
4th node: track number etc

I hope the above is clear.
It's from a 120 DPI display, so a bit bigger.

For maximum compression, the -hhx6 option gives you that. You could conceivably get slightly higher compression by increasing the block size, say back to the 1 second that 4.80 used (--blocksize=44100) and in fact you could do even better by actually using 4.80 which would eliminate the block checksum and a couple other bytes from every block. I wouldn't go that far though.... :)

That should be fun to play with. I'll experiment with that :) See how far I can push it :)
I'm not in a position to add anything to foobar2000 mobile at this time, anyway, as Peter is the sole developer on it right now. He was looping me into the development process for a while after my departure from the commercial venture, but I guess that kind of stopped at some point. Also, I don't think I'd be a really viable developer to work on their project right now, since I'm not really that dependable to follow instructions from others, as I tend to wall up and give up on the work, rather than actually do what I'm supposed to be doing.

So how can I contact Peter about this?
FLAC / Re: Should I dither? (Converting 24bit to 16bit FLAC)
Last post by Fairy -
Convert 16 bit to 8 bit with and without dither. Choose the one you prefer (most likely the dithered version). Choose that setting for your conversion to 16 bit. The effect will however be a factor 256 smaller than the 16 to 8 bit conversion.
I believe this was another one