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DATE does not show YEAR tag General - (fb2k) _johnny7 5 EpicForever
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Showing playback order in Status Bar? (repeat playlist etc...) General - (fb2k) Gapkiller 2 Gapkiller
ReplayGain Mode - is it possible to select AND display from main window? General - (fb2k) MaxDread 2 MaxDread
Decoding failure (Security error) Support - (fb2k) Vittorio 0 Vittorio
foo_wave_seekbar 3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) Zao 2127 Case
[Suggestion] Make "open containin folder" possible when selecting more than one. General - (fb2k) tipar 1 EpicForever
AdPlug 3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) kode54 53 EpicForever
CD Ripping Problems Support - (fb2k) Rizado96 3 Rizado96
Add pane for Recently Played? General - (fb2k) 80sMetalForever 0 80sMetalForever
Visual Studio 2013-2017 compatibility notice Development - (fb2k) Peter 37 Rollin