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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_onewaysync
Last post by Pok_Madui -
Do you have large playlists? How many threads do you use?
Try cleaning up temporary files in Windows, maybe this will improve the situation, but I doubt it. Also try limiting the number of conversion threads to one and see if this fixes the problem.

Yes, to be frank I only have one playlist with all my music in it... 3082 items. I use 3 threads, that's the maximum the plugin will let me.
Will try to clean the temp folder and limit the threads to 1 and see what I get.

Opus / Re: Simulating audio streaming with OPUS
Last post by jmvalin -
for some research application I want to simulate ultra low delay (<= 5 ms) (speech) streaming using the OPUS codec.
To make sure everything is right I got a question:
If I use the opusenc/dec executables with a framesize of 2.5 ms does that mean the audio data could also be streamed in 2.5 ms frames? 

Yes, forcing a framesize of 2.5 ms in opusenc is for all practical purposes equivalent to what you would get via RTP (there will be very minor differences, but they pretty much irrelevant for the purpose of a comparison). Note that if you care so much about the delay, you might also want to use something like --hard-vbr because bitrate spikes could cause small spikes in delay (that's not specific to Opus, just networking in general) if your bandwidth is constrained (and if it isn't constrained, then why aren't you using a higher bitrate).

I.e. is that equivalent to cutting the audio into 2.5 ms slices (as I would in a live application) and then applying the OPUS codec?

I mean you need to be aware that Opus uses overlap between frames. So 2.5 ms frames aren't fully independent of each other. That's why 2.5 ms frames give you a 5 ms total algorithmic delay. But aside from that, as I said above, opusenc is good enough to simulating what you're after.
General Audio / Re: Upscaling MP3 to DSD
Last post by Porcus -
Why only “some?”
Huh. I didn't see that nuance at, and lo and behold, that document says "takes the digital harshness out of the music".

Everyone knows that it isn't the significant learning from the thread, so unless the OP feels like clarifying whether the "some" was injected due to not fully buying the claim or whatever ...
Validated News / Re: Foobar2000 (Mobile Edition)
Last post by [JAZ] -
They initially developed a "Windows App" version of the mobile fb2k, but I believe they stopped further development because it was the platform they had more problems on maintaining it. I really haven't followed the development, so I might be wrong in this regard, but it's your best hope. Following the link on the first page of this thread still points to a valid application.
Using an Android emulator is not really a good option, because you would have to emulate the storage, and that would complicate things too much probably.
General Audio / Re: Upscaling MP3 to DSD
Last post by antz -
The iFi web page does not say it improves sound quality, but that by changing to the DSD format it removes some of the harshness from the mp3 format sound, thus making it more 'analog' sounding and thus, for me at least, more pleasant to listen to.
The iFi page is incorrect, whether deliberately so or not. The red herring there (or bait?) is the "analog" sound claim. You cannot hear bits and bytes, you can only hear analog sound, so ALL sound is analog. I suspect that the "harshness" alluded to is an indirect reference to the long-held and erroneous idea of "stairsteps" in digital, making it harsh. The idea that digital is in any way harsh (or stair-stepped) just because it's digital is completely false and only shows a lack of understanding of A/D and D/A conversion.

By all means play with the idea for your own curiosity but beware of convincing yourself that there's an improvement. Only a properly controlled test will establish that (e.g. ABX).
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: HDCD Decoder
Last post by Case -
What are you people talking about? HDCD's dynamics fields work fine if you don't use incorrect string from MJmusicguy. His string has ' replaced with incorrect escape character.
Corrected string is
Code: [Select]
[$info(bitspersample)-bit[ $info(bitspersample_extra)] ][%codec% | ][%bitrate% kbps | ][%samplerate% Hz | ][%channels% | ]%playback_time%[ / %length%] $if($info(hdcd),'(HDCD:',) $if(%__hdcd%,PE: %__hdcd_peak_extend% LLE: %__hdcd_gain% TF: %__hdcd_transient_filter%')')
Though it can be simplified to just
Code: [Select]
[$info(bitspersample)-bit[ $info(bitspersample_extra)] ][%codec% | ][%bitrate% kbps | ][%samplerate% Hz | ][%channels% | ]%playback_time%[ / %length%][ '('HDCD: PE: %__hdcd_peak_extend% LLE: %__hdcd_gain% TF: %__hdcd_transient_filter%')']
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