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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_upnp
Last post by lokilin -
Really need 64 bit version for v2!
Can't leave v1 for media server......
Updating this very fine component seems not to be a simple task.
It's based on an old UPnP library that is not even Unicode aware (in addition, uppercase and lowercase letters appear separate when sorting).
In fact, its developer recommends MinimServer as replacement - not a good option, since it lacks the true beauty of foo_upnp: the ability to use foobar2000 title formatting functions (a must-have in my view).
A pity.
Agreed - having tried many UPnP servers nothing comes close in terms of flexibility.
A workaround I have come to is have 1.6 portable with foo_upnp running minimized at startup, then have a seperate v2 portable as my "listening" instance.
The benefit of that is the server is always running while the computer is on, not just when FB2K is open.
Yeah I just run V1 and V2 in same time now XD.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_random_pools
Last post by itisljar -
I've read last three pages, and I didn't see - will there be 64 bit version of plugin for new foobar?
I like this plugin, but can't use it currently as it is not supported.
FLAC / Re: Retune of FLAC compression levels
Last post by Wombat -
The 20 albums, 18,6 GB, 24-96/88.2 i once used for RG testing to -8p multithreaded.

4.52 min 19.713.856.336 Bytes

3.51 min 19.747.528.116 Bytes

The average is pretty much the same but 1 album differs very much. 728MB against 772MB. The retune one is the big one.
Edit: did read one wrong, sorry...
General - (fb2k) / FB2k v2.5 beta 21 is excellent on Mac but...
Last post by Qboy61 -
Foobar2k v2.5 beta 21 on Mac is now getting pretty close to the Windows version but one thing is missing.  The ability for FB2k window to start up in the same position and size on a given monitor screen as it did previously on version 2.3.  Is there a selection for this in the prefrences?  Otherwise the interface is very close to the Windows version.