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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by Defender -
Like Case I also have been experimenting with varying the height of the panel that the horizontal LED Peakmeter lives in.

I use two different presets with the horizontal Peakmeter: No legend and 1 Legend (2 Legends simply takes too much space).

You cannot find a panel height that displays both presets correctly in case of 3 channel and 5 channel sources (or upmixes to 3 / 5 channels).

EDIT: By varying the panel height you can find optimums for 2ch, 4ch, 6ch and 8ch.
MP3 / Re: Low bitrate MP3 (+ unsupported bitrates)
Last post by shadowking -
@Klymins, Is it a matter of disk space or bandwidth ?   If not then why not :
Create a preset in foobar2k :  source to output = WAV
Add these DSP's:
> re sampler=44.1
> convert mono to stereo

Then in CS6, encode the new WAV's as mp3 cbr 112 or 128
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by Case -
The Amax in the skippystudio explanation refers to maximum amplitude of the signal, which is 1.0. Their graph also perfectly shows that real RMS can't be as high as peaks.
So remove the division by Amax and things will be correct. Real RMS shows correct RMS, and the checkbox enables the 'RMS+3' mode.

I never saw disappearing bars with the old release.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Old 1.x versions usage
Last post by regor -
It's not only about bugfixes or not needing v2 features, but as reported by people being forced to use 32 bit versions yet, v2 forces caching of all tags and it can not be set to skip caching of specific ones. Thus it crashes on big libraries in some cases, as soon as you got lyrics or fingerprints, or things which don't need to be cached at all (for queries usage, etc.).,125541.0.html

Therefore I'm stuck with v1.6, which allows to manage the mem usage for specific tags if needed.

There is also a recurring crash when trying to play missing/dead files on a playlist, at least in v1.6. Which surely accounts for many of my reports.

EDIT: Btw, until this post, I didn't knew there was a 1.6.17 version. It's currrently so hidden on the download page that most people will simply not notice there is a new (old) version.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by Defender -
Also the peak visualization bars go hidden here half the time (I have them moving horizontally from left to right). When I was playing stereo file, the right channel bar went invisible. I had to tweak the height of the UI element to make it visible. Then I played a mono file and now the size was incorrect for that size and it's invisible.
I don't think the bars should go invisible under any circumstances.
It's a render bug caused by Direct2D or the driver. I thought I had solved it with the optimized calculations because I could no longer reproduce the bug here (after updating the GPU driver). It has to do with drawing the LED bitmap on odd coordinates. The filled rectangles don't have this problem, AFAIK.

I did a lot of testing this.

Horizontal peakmeter has this issue only for the bottom bar. Vertical peakmeter has the same issue for the left bar.

As you said ... does not happen when using gradient (eg no leds). Also does not happen when you display both legends on top and bottom of horizontal peakmeter (or to the left and right of vertical peakmeter).
So the issue is only when having 0 or 1 legend along the bar and you are using leds.

When this bar disappears the the Peak indicator for this disappeared bar is still shown correctly .

Easy to reproduce. Take a mono source or apply a DSP downmix to 1.0. Use only one legend on a horizontal peakmeter that has
LED mode enabled (add Peak indicator for reference).

If you allot a panel with a height of anything within 42 and 54 pixel's you will not see the mono bar at all, but you will see the Peakmeter indicator.

So you simply cannot display a mono channel PeakMeter using LED's and one legend.

The moment you change to gradients instead LEDS or display the second legend the PeakMeter appears.
MP3 / Re: Low bitrate MP3 (+ unsupported bitrates)
Last post by Klymins -
@Kraeved In fact, CBR is not necessary (i want it because it's easier to work with it) but i want mono because i think stereo is not going to be sound good below 20kbps or 16kbps. And, i already can produce a good quality sound with 16kbps, the reason that i want to use below is: can i make a good sound with these bitrates? 20kbps stereo sounds good and 16kbps mono sound better than it, so i thinked lower bitrates must be able to produce good sounds. @danadam You can be right, i selected libopus from shotcut but i don't trust it.

And, i must use MP3 because Flash Player does not support these newer alternatives even if some of them can sound better.