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Setting up EAC 1.6 after changing drives?

After ripping and burning thousands of discs, my Samsung SH-222AB drives have fairly crapped out. I replaced them with a couple of Plextor PlexWriter PX-891SAF drives.

I expected to hop into Drive Options to Detect Read Features and Examine C2 Features, so I prepared a key disc. An unexpected AccurateRip popup launched and EAC automatically set the Extraction Method to Burst mode. Those old drives did not support Burst mode. I'm don't know if the AccurateRip feature worked with them, either. The changes have left me confused.

I don't know what to do next. The drives ripped my key disk in record time, which is nice, but am I actually supposed to be using Burst mode? Do I need to Detect Read Features and Examine C2 Feature with a "scratched" disc, or are those features outdated now?

Thanks for any advice, and have a great day!

Re: Setting up EAC 1.6 after changing drives?

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The drive is usually setup by the Configuration Wizard. It asks if you want speed or accurate results and if you want to configure via the feature database or detect features. Running the Configuration Wizard may change your other settings though.
Detect Read Features would be less risk of your existing settings.

Re: Setting up EAC 1.6 after changing drives?

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That popup was the configuration wizard? It's been a while since I last installed EAC, and I was using the older Samsung drives at the time. Perhaps that's why the setup seems so unfamiliar.

I still remember the question about speed and accurate results from previous installations of EAC, however. That same question did not come up this morning, when the AccurateRip popup appeared. Offsets were verified. I then ripped my disc, as recommended.

Does all that mean the drives aren't actually configured correctly?

Re: Setting up EAC 1.6 after changing drives?

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Setup for AccurateRip. Setup for speed (Burst mode).
If you want to setup secure ripping you'll need to Detect Read Features or use the settings from the link I provided (read offset is already set by AccurateRip).

If you set C2 enabled and experience difficulty ripping try disabling C2.


Re: Setting up EAC 1.6 after changing drives?

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OK. I think I got it, now. Thanks for your help!