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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_dsp_effect
Last post by EpicForever -
- extreme Tempo values (like sudden move of slider to -95%, even from previously set -40%, not just "zero") hangs foobar entirely
- sometimes entering manually "zero" into Tempo GUI element and pressing enter does not change anything. Zero is displayed, slider resets, but sound is still changed. Moving away from Tempo'sGUI element and going for example to Pitch, causes that slider of Tempo again shows position adequate to the sound that is changed. Going back to Tempo and accepting "zero" with enter mostly solves the issue.
Used algorithm: RubberBand.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: %CONTENT GROUP% mapping error
Last post by thomian -
Sorry, if I hurt your feelings. I didn't want that. I will calm down and share you on the human side...
I will now listen to Beethoven's Appassionata instead. Thank you for bringing this to my mind. Maybe you want to share me with this idea.
Support - (fb2k) / missing link: which DSP by which component
Last post by sPeziFisH -
While looking at my DSPs and components I asked myself which component provides which DSPs.
IMHO it makes sense to get this info @component or @DSP manager, ToolTip, info-button, RMB-Menu-Entry or 'i' next to '+' or sort of.
Maybe it makes sense to enhance the components-page in general as components provides a DSP or even several DSPs, some generates new configuration-pages @Tools, @Tools>tagging, @Vis,..
It makes sense to get the link, but just an idea.
Foobar 1.4 beta 21
Audio Hardware / Re: Active setup help and recommendations
Last post by silverprout -
I would like to swtich to an active setup. After reading It looks like that I don't have ideal speakers to do it.

My speakers are :

Horn loaded compression driver : TAD TD-4002, 110db/w
Woofer : TAD TL-1603, 97db/W

I would like to use a MiniDSP 2x4 HD as a crossover and small room corrections. Note that I'm working a lot on my room treatment so, EQ will be minimal.

The gain structure seems to cause problem with high sensitivity components. If I understand correctly a preamp would be a good thing to level match drivers and woofers.

Source -> miniDSP -> preamp -> power amps ->speakers.

As always budget is thight. And I have on hand and planned to use :

Pioneer SA-9900 with pre-out 2V/main-in
Luxman r-114 also with pre-out ?V/main-in
*Pioneer A-09 integrated class A amp that I really like but no pre-out/main-in.....

My idea was :

SA-9900 preamp -> miniDSP -> sa-9900 amp --> woofers/luxman amp -> drivers.

Again if I understand correctly does this setup will cause level/gain mismatch issue?

New plan :

SA-9900 preamp or usb dac, optical CD player -> miniDSP --> Unknown preamp* -> sa-9900 amp --> woofers/luxman amp -> drivers.

* This where I need recommendations. Can I use the luxman active preamp? Do I need a passive preamp? What would be the best solution to keep noise, distorsion as low as possible with a low cost.

At this point I'm wondering if an integrated amp would get the job done.

Source -> miniDSP -> S-9900 power amp -> woofers
                                       A-09 integrated -> drivers




You should ask diyaudio.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Quick Question about "Rescan on startup" & "Monitor for changes while running"
Last post by EpicForever -
Regarding "Rescan on startup" - if you don't modify your collection outside of foobar or at least outside of its running time, you can safely disable it. However, if you tend to rip music via EAC while not having foobar opened, then foobar will not get that new rip into account unless you use "Rescan now" option. Same applies to downloading music from Beatport, Juno or iTunes while foobar is not running - such files will be missing in library, if added when foobar was not running and "Rescan on startup" is disabled - manual rescan will be necessary to see them in foobar's library, or adding them to manual playlist. Properly organizing your library (splitting it to more than just 1 main folder) may help you - some folders will not require rescan due to their content not changing over time, others will do - thus you will limit amount of files to be scanned. Disabling it requires serious analyze of how you do with your files when foobar is not running and how you should organize your library (splitting into separate entries some folders inside your music dir, etc.). There is NO simple guidance like "do it" or "don't do it".

"Monitor for changes while running"  is simply self explanatory. When foobar is running it will take into account any changes done in the background - tagging with Mp3Tag, moving in Explorer, downloading from Firefox, ripping from EAC etc. The truth is that this one is VERY useful and doesn't consume much resources. Disabling it is a bad idea.

Disabling both features will render your foobar library simply useless, as it will not reflect current state of your music collection. Unless you will click "Rescan now" on every ripped/downloaded track.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_dsp_effect
Last post by EpicForever -
Problem with Xnor's EQ is lack f UI element...

I have a small and definitely doable request - could it be possible to add small "Reset" buttons at least to PRS/TMP/Pitch GUI elements? Purpose is obvious - to quickly reset value to "zero" without typing and pressing enter or moving sliders. See image below for "advanced visualization" ;)

Also something that I am not sure if is doable but I will ask... There are some files in my library that trigger Playback Rate Shift thanks to Dynamic DSP, based on some tags. Is it technically possible to read the value that was applied via Dynamic DSP triggered chain and enter it to PRS box when track is played from playlist?
There is alternative - auto triggering certain effects based on adding built-in support for reading tags "like DSP_CHAIN", and parsing possible multivalues like "PRS=+6; TEMPO=-3; ECHO=2000,75,55; REVERB=50,60,70,65,75". In this case it would be definitely easier to feed these values to GUI elements.

Opus / Re: Opus 1.3-rc
Last post by fabiorug -
I have two question:

1) At 24 kbps, does Opus 1.3 encode stereo audio as:
12 kbps mono + 12 kbps or it uses hybrid mode or other tricks?
How does Opus encode stereo audio?

2) Why especially  at 48 kbps there is this artifact (similar to the sound of a leaf)?
It uses hybrid mode? Or it changes from speech mode to music mode?

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