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My bad, I didn't realize you could add http:// masks to it now. Someone already answered this in another topic.
In what form do you want to exactly show that BPM? Where, in which place? I created myself a custom column named BPM with code $meta(BPM) (Preferences / Display / Default User Interface / Playlist View) . Of course in my case in plugin config I have chosen to write BPM values to tag called simply BPM. If you call it TEMPO you just replace my BPM with TEMPO in code for column. You can try use also %bpm% or %tempo% but I am not sure if it will work or not. Reading tags (function $meta( ) will always work. You can put it also into your status bar or window title bar (Preferences / Display / Default User Interface / fields "Window title", and "Status bar").

But if you want just that manual tap button to be visible all the time, then I am afraid that you have no option to do that. Easiest way to access it would be to bind a keybaord shortcut to appear that button on request or to bind kb shortcut to execute automatic BPM calculation process (Preferences / Keyboard shortcuts, look for "[context] / BPM Detection" and its subsequent commands).

Remember that in Preferences / Display / Context Menu you can also edit commands that you have under right mouse button (choose them with checkboxes). You can remove those unnecessary for you and keep there only functions like manual and automatic BPM calculation (section "BPM Detection)...
General A/V / Re: "Lazy" playback start from AV receiver
Last post by Bero1707 -
I found even better, simpler and smaller program for this. You helped me to find it by providing me key words (silent stream).
Here it is if anyone else needs it:
Is there an easy was to find the quality setting of an ogg file without saving a copy at different settings until a match is found?
I see 2 suggestions:
- making extensions list editable for end user, with notice that any crashes after applying changes here are assumed as user fault
- editing this in code for all possible extensions of certain container (like: .mpg = .mpg; .mpeg; .m2v; .m1v; .ps; .m2p).
I can tell you how this works for Converter (I never used file ops in foobar): while files are converted, you need to uncheck that "show output files when done" checkbox. The next time when you run Converter it is unchecked (last state is remembered) and you don't see that small popup window when converting process is finished. I suppose this should work the same way for file ops...
General A/V / Re: "Lazy" playback start from AV receiver
Last post by Bero1707 -
Thank you!
FLAC / Re: script to update all music library to 1.3.2
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Is it actually worth bothering reconverting to a newer FLAC version?

I'd assume the compression might be a little better in the newer versions, but anything else than that?
Vulnerabilities and/or bugs fixed, new features... You have to check the changelog and decide for yourself if it's worth the hassle: