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Opus / Re: Opus frequency notching at 15.5 kHz
Last post by sveakul -
The behaviour is simply due to Opus "making stuff up" above 15.6 kHz at that bitrate. This saves many bits that can be used to make the encoded file sound better and it's hard to hear the difference because the ear isn't very sensitive at that frequency. The encoder *could* code that band better, but it would require many bits (taken from lower frequencies) and the result would likely be worse.

Thanks jmvalin, very interesting.  Purely for curiousity's sake, is there an approximate scale of encoded bitrate vs. frequency that the "making stuff up" process kicks in?  Not trying to rock the boat, not for MY ears at any rate, just curious.  Thank you for Opus.
Opus / Which has better quality?
Last post by hyaudio -
1. Opus 384kbps vs MP2 384kbps
2. Opus 96kbps vs WMA 10 Professional 96kbps*

* WMA 10 Professional uses SBR when the bitrate is 96kbps or lower
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by thecircusfreak -
I'm getting "SSL authentication error" when I try to add any youtube source.
Component version: 2.3
Foobar version: 1.3 or 1.4-beta

I've tried to add google's certificate to Trusted Root Cert's but it doesn't help.
it's a  Foobar2000's network stack bug. From v1.4 changelog: fixed a bug in HTTPS reader causing incompatibility with Google websites (beta 14).

A temporary work around to this would be to add "" to Foobar2000 preferences/Advanced/Networking/Surpress HTTPS cert checks.

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