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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_scheduler
Last post by Skinsuite -

Is there also a way to load DSP chain presents with it? Didn't found a way via Google,,

And I like the scheduler very much! Thank you for your work!
I read about these headphones and found them on Amazon at ~68$:

I see that they have a 55ohm impedance.
Will they be good for listening to music from my laptop/cellphone? Is there a big difference in that sense from 32ohm impedance headphones?
I plan to use them at work. Should I expect sound leakage from them?

Any ideas for good alternatives at the price?

Headphones that are used with embedded audio interfaces such as those in cellphones and PCs should be as sensitive as is reasonably possible because of their often quite  limited maximum output.

I did a little searching around, and found that headphones like the Sennheiser HD 280s may be a good choice because of their roughly 50 ohm impedance and higher rated sensitivity than many  others.  There are too many headphones to expect someone else to do your legwork in this area at your whim and for free. The research is up to you!

The headhones  used with PC should either have the flattest highest impedance curves because some embedded audio interfaces, especially PCs may have relatively high source impedances which effectively puts a random equalizer composed of the source impedance and the headphone's impedance curve into the system.  This can be compensated if the cellphone or PC's internal equalizer is adjusted to compensate.

There is no simple compensation for headphones that are not sensitive enough, but to add an external headphone amp which can be fairly inconvenient with cell phones.
Regardless of the tool used, you need to lower the floor to -120 or -130 dB and make a spectrogram that is big enough to discern detail. Have at least 20 pixels per second. If Spek can only make small images, use SoX instead. Analyze at the difference channel for stereo files, which will reveal more artifacts.

I use the following command line for SoX for analysis. The remix effect adds one more channel with the difference between L and R.

sox.exe "INPUT.WAV" -n remix 1 2 1v0.5,2v-0.5 spectrogram -x 5000 -y 257 -Z -10 -z 120 -o "INPUT.WAV-lrs.png"

Instants where the signal falls below the "shelf" will show as black. You want the spectrum between 16 and 20 kHz to be quite "dense", and show no blocking at all for lossless sources. Encode a few 320 kbit files of different music genres yourself and analyze them to learn what to expect.
I will try this and tell you, thanks.
If your goal is to fool someone, I assume it's easy to fake-out the software by using an exciter effect before encoding to FLAC.
really its that easy to fake a mp3 encoded to FLAC?
I noticed in the recent poll that many listen via speakers and wondered what sort of equipment was typical?

I've traditionally used closed back Sennheiser (low range) headphones and foobar2000 on desktop and phone but have some low end (about 100 euro/pound/dollar for each component ) hifi separates (Cambridge Audio amp and Wharfedale speakers) which I'd like to use again. I was wondering about a decent CD/FLAC player to use as a source and was looking at the Pioneer BDP-180 (a Blu Ray player with analogue audio out).

I would be interested in any comments either about the Pioneer (if anyone uses it!) or alternatives to it or generally about how people play CD/FLAC over speakers.
freewares like notepad
Notepad++ it is called. Do not confuse with the built-in editor.

it literally took me two clicks to turn it into a pastable version for the file operations set up.
literally two? How?
As is probably obvious by now, it's gone forever. I do have a backup that the shitty service provider sent me, but have no intention of putting it up anywhere. Honestly, I don't really care that much. It was fun while it lasted, but after a decade (plus the previous iterations plus the Rancid Snakepit), it was about time for it to be euthanized anyway.

Regardless, if someone else wants to start up a new board, I'll be happy to participate. I have no desire to own it again though. Being responsible for that place wasn't exactly hard work, but it was still a pain in the ass. I'd been trying to hand it off to someone else or just kill the damn thing for the last 7 or 8 years.

Damn, the definitive final poat.

Alright, I don't blame ya.  Thanks for letting us know, and thanks so much for having provided such a valuable service over the years.  I'm gonna miss it.  It was great to have a place to vent, and the humor was razor sharp.  Huffy now unchecked and running amok is a sad situation.
Vinyl / Re: Technics SL-1200 price in it's heydey
Last post by copperblue -
I'm in the UK and I remember them being around £400-450 each in the late 90s. Used prices weren't much cheaper - maybe £350 if you were lucky.
In the UK I have paid respectively £300, £350, £370 for new MK2, MK2, M3D in 1989, 1996, 2003.
Although the new ones resemble the old ones they are new designs and don't share components or tooling with the old ones.
Vinyl / Re: Technics SL-1200 price in it's heydey
Last post by marc2003 -
I'm in the UK and I remember them being around £400-450 each in the late 90s. Used prices weren't much cheaper - maybe £350 if you were lucky.