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Even with the improvements, FAAC is still probably not the best choice. 
It was true as of
Regarding VS2017-
The foobar2000 SDK, version 2015-08-03 is compatible with the latest version of Visual Studio 2017 at this time - I just tested it myself.

There was a period in which Visual Studio auto updater would give you broken platform SDK which made lots of my code fail to compile due to Windows.h vs WinSock #include order issues. This appears to have been fixed on their end.

You can load foo_sample workspace into VS2017, retarget to the new toolchain (original projects are VS2010), optionally enable -XP version of the toolchain in project settings, enable /d2notypeopt as per this thread and you're good to go.

foo_sample demonstrates most commonly used parts of foobar2000 SDK, it's a good starting point to learn how the SDK works. Also don't forget to check the readme doc first, it has lots of essential info on SDK architecture.
Peter, another thing, in the Opus encoder, in the advanced settings (Edit) - Display - Settings:, it always shows VBR for every setting, can you please change that as well to make it more precise. In other words, I know which encoder settings I am saving and selecting from the list but I always want to double check I didn't make any errors selecting the correct one. I know I can and they are modified manually now but I rather see that in the default installation. Thanks.
Thank you , always use your script!
CD Hardware/Software / Remove Item from EAC List of Drives
Last post by Empire -
Have been ripping same Daemon Tools Images with EAC v1.3. They remain in the list as "DiskSoftVirtual 1.0 Adapter 1 ID:x"
where x seems to increase each time,  and they all stay in the drop down list. Is there any way to remove them?
CD Hardware/Software / Re: aucdtect
Last post by Empire -
Thank you for the info, looking at all the suggestions. is that page for cue corrector available in English?
Using Free Audio Converter 1.0.30 what is the best FAAC configuration 1.29.7 using bit rate per channel without Joint-Stereo?

I don't think there are any good settings for that.  You should use joint stereo and probably a more mature AAC encoder.  Even with the improvements, FAAC is still probably not the best choice. 
Off topic: what a waste of bandwidth and storage. Any BluRay with 45Mbit/s has a brilliant picture and multiple lossless multichannel audio tracks.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 DeskBand Controls
Last post by eldarien -
* Version 3.4.1

  - Volume control now follows volume step setting of foobar2000.
Few words about this file and the huge sampling rate.
You can easily find the source by searching the name in a search engine :
(direct link = warning: 2 GB!

It's a DSD512 DFF file (22 579 200 Hz / 1 bit). According to Rollin it was converted with WavPack 5, which is now able to losslessly compress DSD. And even if foobar2000 can't read DSD, the WavPack library automatically transforms DSD files to PCM at ultra-high resolution for compatibility reason.

If you open the *.wv file in foobar2000, it appears as a PCM file at 2 822 400 Hz and 24 bit.
If you open the same file in foobar2000 with foo_input_sacd (which supports DSD in Wavpack format), the player detects the file as 22 579 200 Hz/1bit. And the foo_input_sacd component allows a much friendlier PCM sampling rate (88200 to 352000 Hz) for playback or encoding.

(on left a WavPack file without foo_input_dsd and on the right, the same file with foo_input_sacd 1.0.9