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Topic: How to set up SQRSoft Compressor/Limiter (Read 1606 times) previous topic - next topic
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How to set up SQRSoft Compressor/Limiter

As in the topic subject.

Id own Creative 5.1 sound system, sound card from Creative set up correctly. An one more thing, what dsp chain insert in/the best chain for this set up.

Ive got > UpToMix 5.1 > EQ > sqrsoft Compressor with factory setting


Re: How to set up SQRSoft Compressor/Limiter

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It mostly is a matter of preference. I would never use a compressor.
Also depending on your exact soundcard type and output frequency a resampler dsp can increase the sound quality.
I always include the ssrc resampler dsp set to the output frequency of my soundcard