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Title: Help with custom column syntax
Post by: Ormy on 2021-10-12 17:01:39
I'm not sure if this is possible but it's worth an ask.

I'd like to make a custom column that displays a time of day in 24hr HH:MM:SS format.  Given a set 'input time' (e.g. 12:30:00) the field in this column would display the input time plus the duration of all the tracks before it in the playlist, i.e. if the playlist was started when input time = actual current time then this column would show the time that each track would start playing.

Because this would have to be recalculated every time the playlist changes and requires information about tracks in other rows I have no idea how to accomplish this in foobar. In spreadsheet software it would be easy, but they don't play music good like foobar  :D .

I'm getting married and hoping to save myself the cost of a DJ by planning it all myself beforehand and replacing the DJ with a laptop and trusty foobar2000.

Any advice appreciated.
Title: Re: Help with custom column syntax
Post by: jazzthieve on 2021-10-12 17:36:35
That's an easy answer: not possible.