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Support - (fb2k) / Re: 2.0 Convert FLAC to AAC lose track numbers
Last post by Patrick_inFrance -
i have found a way to solve it: importing the folder, going to properties, TOOLS, "auto track numbers"  and then convert  in applelossless (with name format %genre%/%album%/%track number% - %title% )


Gerry Mulligan Quartet & Chet Baker - [The Ultimate Jazz Archive 29 (Disc 4) CD2/4 #01] Freeway
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v2.0 bugs
Last post by Irama -
Using v. 2.0 (stable) or 2.1 beta (64 bits), interface is temporarily freezing on my side when I update tags, while music is still playing flawlessly. It can last from a few seconds (if I update tags of a single album) to a few minutes (for a bunch of albums using masstager) and everything will be fine again after all operations are completed. Meanwhile CPU usage is somewhere between 20 and 50 %. Same thing happens while new music is being downloaded and automatically scanned for being added in media library. My computer is "a bit" old (see specs below) and music library quite big.

This didn't happen with previous versions. I don't know anything about computing, but I guess this has something to do with foobar now being unable to forget new tag updates after crash (which is nice) and that this is not a bug but a consequence of choices made. Hence I'd like to know if there were ways to shorten this temporary freeze for old computers ran by old people like me... Any help appreciated!

Of course I use some components, mostly JScript Panel samples, but I guess they affect RAM more than CPU, and problems were similar without them installed.

Here's my configuration:

CPU   Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz   3.60 GHz
RAM   16,0 Go
Foobar on SDD
Music library (over 18,000 albums; 8 TB data) on 3 different supposedly healthy HDD
Windows 10

Coming back on this... It seems that foobar is rebuilding the entire library each time I make any change on the metadatas or doing anything else that could affect the library (adding an album for instance). It is pretty annoying since heavy changes can freeze the program for tenth of minutes. Tasks manager tells me that foobar uses up to 40 % of CPU ressources (usually 25-30 % and less than 1 % in normal use). I tried everything I could with Windows, such as giving foobar "real time access" with no results. I'm a bit desperate about this...

Coming back again on this, just to let you know that I found the culprit: Smooth Browser (JScript Panel script). Removed it and everything is now working fine, except relatively high RAM use.
foobar2000 mobile / Re: Editing metadata for genres and composers
Last post by TomH1138 -
There's no way to edit it in the mobile and assuming that it is quite uncomfortable to edit things on a mobile phone, I don't think this is on Peter's top of his to-do-list.


There are fields for composer and the performer (=conductor) plus album artists.
If you have more than one, you can enter them comma-separated - that's at least what I do.

These fields are more or less commonly used by players, but you can also add your own, which won't get displayed in typical players.

But where do I enter and add them, since it can't be done on the mobile? Is it a matter of syncing up the PC version with the mobile version, or something?
General - (fb2k) / Colored tabs or playlists
Last post by pansa -
Afspeellijst Gekleurde tabbladen...Ik werk graag met afspeellijsten die wel 20 uur lang muziek afspelen. Het lijkt me handig voor het onderscheid als ik bijvoorbeeld een playlist of tabblad een kleur zou kunnen geven via Eigenschappen van het tabblad of Columns UI 2.0.0. Ik ben wat ouder,,,ik ben een Foobarist,,,Ik werk al jaren met Foobar. groetjes 

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Google Translate:
Playlist Colored tabs...I like working with playlists that play music for up to 20 hours. It seems useful for the distinction if I could, for example, color a playlist or tab via Properties of the tab or Columns UI 2.0.0. I'm a bit older,,,I'm a Foobarist,,,I've been working with Foobar for years. Greetings

MOD Edit: Title changed to English. Was "Gekleurde tabbladen of afspeellijsten"
General - (fb2k) / Re: Anyway to find duplicate songs in Foobar?
Last post by dmak -
I've wanted to perform a similar action, as my library has become particularly agglomerative, with lots of overlap between collections.  I've been playing around with the Playlist Tree plugin and its the nested query function as a solution to this problem.  I'm a newbie to all this, having downloaded Playlist Tree last week and having no programming background, so I'm still in the "playing" stages right now and don't have a fool-proof response.  However, here's what I have so far.

1. Under Criteria: Type in an autoplaylist query that will narrow the scope of your duplicate search.  Alternatively, you can leave this field blank and search your entire database.  So if, for example, you have a collection with an album tag labeled "Top 500 Hits of Last year," you would type, album IS "Top 500 Hits of Last Year." (or alternatively use "album HAS" for nonexact searches). Only duplicates emanating from that collection will be found.  *See explanation below

2. Under Format:
Code: [Select]
@query<%artist% - %title%;@database;title HAS %title% AND artist HAS %artist%;'%artist% - %title%'>

3. Check Sort by display name after populating.
Could you please post a link to Playlist Tree plugin (if that is not a standard one) and make a screenshot of Playlist Tree plugin setting? I have found only Playlist View, but that changes the view of a particular album, while I believe your idea was to search across all albums.