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Support - (fb2k) / Only Windows Media Player can RIP CDs: "Could not access any of found CD drive"
Last post by redtownsend -
In the last week or two I've been hit with a problem where
Only Windows Media Player can RIP CDs.

The only suspected change is Windows Updates. 

Does anyone else have this problem?

foobar2000 give the error:

"Could not access any of found CD drives."
"Please shut down any other software possibly locking your CD drive."
"If you're using limited account, please install Nero BurnRights (freeware) to use CD playback functionality."

I get a similar error with Quintessential Media Player.

Of course, I've rebooted ...
Running "as administrator" makes no difference. 
I ran Nero BurnRights 32 and 64 bit versions. 

OS Name   Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Version   10.0.17134 Build 17134

v 1.3.19

General - (fb2k) / Re: Default UI Gallery
Last post by porkpiehat -
I think this xch4nge is the most versatile and customizable foobar skin ever made.
So many thanks to Falstaff (aka Br3tt), the developer of Xch4nge.

Just btw this should be posted in the Columns UI gallery topic (coincidentally made by Falstaff  ;)), rather than the Default UI one.

Oops, sorry!
I thought it was Default UI, thanks for the info.
I gotta move.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: %CONTENT GROUP% mapping error
Last post by thomian -
Ah no... sorry... To interpret this as an affront to "human culture" is ridiculous. Why should "musical category" be more important to human culture, than the correct naming of "classical works" of world cultural heritage? I didn't catch that. In fact, there are a lot of people, who are not aware, that the Apassionata has three movements, and that Beethoven does not play the piano on the recording. This (!) is a matter of importance for human culture and for musical education, but not the categorization of music files on your hard disc. The correct tagging of works, movements, composers and performers might be more important to human culture than the tagging of musical categories.

The whole world calls this field "grouping", except foobar. It seems to me, that you try to convince the rest of world, that the grouping field better should be named "content group", because it should be used as "musical category" to serve the music and save human culture. Just give me logical arguments, besides your personal feelings.

Yes it's true. This field is in use for different purpose. There are a lot of people that use the grouping field for "works" (besides the fact that their software calls it "grouping"). And there are a lot of people using it for "musical categories" (besides the fact that their software calls it "grouping"). And there is no problem. Forcing people to use the album tag for "work" and to use the grouping tag for "musical category" is not a solution.
General - (fb2k) / Quick Question about "Rescan on startup" & "Monitor for changes while running"
Last post by im_special -
Hi, so in an attempt to try and get some extra performance out of foobar, as I feel with a large library of music, startup times can start to suffer and lose some of that snappiness, I'm going to try and disable these two options, only I'm not exactly sure what they do as in what should I expect in change of my "workflow" or whatever.

"Rescan on startup" I assume this just indexes your entire collection every time you startup foobar2000 (which is always brutal on a fresh boot), so now that it's not checked, I'm guessing now when I add or delete music, it will not reflect properly until I manually do a scan with "Rescan now"?

"Monitor for changes while running" I'm not sure what this one does, does it just check my music for metadata changes? Or does it also index my music (similar to the above option) while music is being played?
Support - (fb2k) / Re: %CONTENT GROUP% mapping error
Last post by incifinci -
I understood you exactly in this way. You argue for conformity and (from this aspect seems) logical solution.

And yes, this is exactly, what I am against. Because words have power. I know, I can use any system, any tags. I speak for values of human culture. This is more important, than technical conformity. By using the name CONTENT GROUP as more time, as we can, X time 10% of people will remember about TIT1 Id3's fog, about this tag: "Oh, yes, this is about... how is... oh, yes! remember! symphonic, concerto and so on". AND THEY WILL USE IT IN THIS WAY. Who does not use a tag about these important categories, he earlier or later, but simply forget about it. In 21st century, tag system has BIG influence to people musical intelligence. knowledge. If they have not explicit word CONTENT GROUP*, so they forget EARLIER, EASIER about this important category type. The way, how you think, depends on your instrument for thinking: your language. There are people in Amazonia, native tribes, who can not calculate more than 1, 2 and 3. They even can not say, what of my hands, left or right has more stones, if stones are more than ~5-6! After antropologistes gave them the worlds (numbers), they COULD learn to calculate. Without words they even could not imagine, what number, more than 3, are.

(* Yes, will be much better any more exact, WORK CATEGORY or so. But we have content group now -- anyway better from this point of wiev, then simply grouping.)

I myself is a very precious man. I like all to be in logical order, mostly in my PC. All the while, until it will not against human culture, as in this particular case. Starting from this point, for me is absolutely indifferent the technically logical order. Culture is much more important. And this is not meaning, I am against logics. How could I? I only much mor, in our case, for CONTENT, MUSICAL LOGICS, than technical. Because much more important.

This was the meaning of my words: you forget: tags and programs and standards must serve music. Not inversely.

Humanity is going exactly on the way of degradation. Every new generation is more stupid than earlier. Most of destruction of human values were "unfolded" with some technical type "needs". I do not want to live in the world, were some idiotically stupid so called music has 1.5 billion wievers on youtube -- and half or more of them never in the life heard Appassionata. EVERY step to this hell is important, will it executed or not.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Linux Port
Last post by Anton-Latukha -
I used Foobar2000 for many years.
And also migrated with it to the Linux systems.
So I was using it for ~10 years on Linux systems under Wine.

It is late at my UTC+3, I would write the main part - report on running Foobar2000 in Wine under Linux - in later days.
And would be a really happy report with useful info.
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