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Support - (fb2k) / Re: change volume from command line
Last post by marc2003 -
You should try picking a menu command that actually exists.

Support - (fb2k) / change volume from command line
Last post by Forfit -
foobar2000.exe "/command:Set to -0 dB"
foobar2000.exe "/command:Set to -10 dB"
not work?
do it is not possible to change volume from command line?
Polls / Re: Where do you get your music from?
Last post by Chibisteven -
I get my music from everywhere...

  • Retailers like Best Buy, Walmart or Target
  • Record stores (preferably the Audio CD format and brand new)
  • Used off the internet from places like eBay and Amazon.
  • Brand new from reputable online retailers such as Amazon, CDJapan, etc.
  • I have an iTunes account that I buy songs from.
  • Video games.  I record from an actual console or extract the streams on a case by case basis for each game.
  • Live TV (LOL), I did this once actually.
  • Download a few MIDIs from independent artists, the ones that come with soundfonts or mention which soundfont or synthesizer to use does make life a hell lot easier, nothing stops me from trying to make a MIDI sound more pleasant to me on a favorite synthesizer if I can't find out what I'm supposed to use.
Try disconnecting your cable TV connection from the street.  This often creates circulating currents that show up as 6o Hz (in the US) hum, particularly in subwoofers.  There are transformers you can insert in your coax cable feed to the cable box to break the noisy ground path.  I forget who I bought the one I use from, possibly MCM?  It says Isolator,5-2400MHz, Premier Farnell Ltd., which is a British company.  F connectors in and out.  I remember finding a tremendous range of prices for similar devices.

While a balanced audio device at the input to the subwoofer would seem to be a solution, I've found that many of them have lousy "common mode rejection".  The balanced input needs to have pretty good common mode rejection at 60 Hz and harmonics to get rid of the hum and buzz.  I found the isolator transformer a much better solution.

Don't leave a ground lifter installed on any device with a three pronged plug.  That is a serious safety hazard, you risk electrocution, and if connected to a cable service from the street, it becomes a fire hazard in the event of a nearby lightning strike.

You might want to verify that your cable feed has a ground block bonded to the ground of your electric system where it enters your house also, as required by the electric code.  But I found even a properly bonded cable was able to induce significant hum into subwoofer inputs.

Does the subwoofer use a 3 wire power cable? If yes, try an experiment and temporarily use a ground lifter to disable the protective ground. If the noise goes away, you definitely have a ground loop issue. There are ways to solve your problem AND have the required ground of the sub properly connected. Analog > SPDIF > analog is a possibility. Another is a galvanically isolated feed using  a transformer in the signal feed.  Another possibility is to use a balanced line. This does NOT necessarily require a balanced line transmitter at the source, just a balanced line receiver at the sub. The center signal wire would go to the '+' input and the out ground /shield goes to the '-' input. Any noise on the ground is also on the signal and is considered common mode signal and is rejected. Properly designed it can reach 100dB of isolation.  Analog Devices, Burr Brown (now T.I.) and THAT corp all make  ICs specifically for balanced line receivers with excellent common mode rejection though with modest care, a plain old opamp can do the job.

Another source of your noise could be RF pickup from a nearby radio station. 50,000 Watt AM stations can cause LOTS of problems under the right conditions. A common and effective fix for RF noise is a ferrite bead over the signal lead to prevent the RF from getting into the unit in the first place. You've probably seen HDMI or DVI cables with a cylindrical lump on the cable. That's a ferrite  to prevent radiation of noise.

@always.beta: Well, actually, original CaTRoX is pretty much compatible with JScript, you just need to follow this guide to make it work.
The interface has been updated as instructed. Now the error: createScrollbarImages(line: 989 in Control_Scrollbar.js) is undefined. However, it is defined in line: 165. I don't know how to fix the definition.

Just an act of compulsion. A new components appears, why not upgrade. :)
General - (fb2k) / Re: Command-Line Decoder Wrapper
Last post by arch21 -
hi, on components page, it has been updated to version 0.5 but it still shows version 0.4 on preferences page.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by marc2003 -
Well that link is in the first post of this thread.... it's really for script authors who might want to update their scripts and then take advantage of newer features in this component. I figure for the casual user, it's just easier to use the old component - that is you can afford the 1MB or so of disk space it takes.  :P
Well there was never any reason to use ShortPath in the original script. Just wrapping the path in double quotes to account for any spaces would have done...

Code: [Select]
"\"" + fb.FoobarPath + "foobar2000.exe\""


Code: [Select]
'"' + fb.FoobarPath + 'foobar2000.exe"'

And I believe my component fixes now bypass the need for the command line shenanigans completely.

Obviously bols59 will need to expand on whatever issue they're having???