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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by pIv -
When I click the left mouse button on the image, I get the following error:

Error: Spider Monkey Panel v1.6.2-dev+fddbb743 ({DE304636-11CC-4453-A396-69E39A6D7564}: Biography v1.3.1 by WilB)
o.composer is undefined

File: text.js
Line: 1463, Column: 17
Stack trace:

I comment line 1460-1464 in text.js, and the error has disappeared.
My question is - what is the "isTrackRevAvail" function for?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by paregistrase -
Well, at least for the cover, I think I do it.

I edit the server.js.

In biography.cfg

Code: [Select]
   "foCycCov": "$directory_path(%path%)",
   "foImgCov": "Z:\\mnt\\wd\\Musica\\Data\\rev_img\\$lower($cut(%BIO_ALBUMARTIST%,1))\\%BIO_ALBUMARTIST%\\%BIO_ALBUM%",
   "foImgRev": "Z:\\mnt\\wd\\Musica\\Data\\rev_img\\$lower($cut(%BIO_ALBUMARTIST%,1))\\%BIO_ALBUMARTIST%\\%BIO_ALBUM%",

In fb2k cover display

Code: [Select]
['z:\mnt\wd\musica\data\rev_img\'$lower($replace($cut($meta(ALBUM ARTIST,0),1),.,_))'\'$replace($if($stricmp($cut($meta(ALBUM ARTIST,0),1),.),_$substr($meta(ALBUM ARTIST,0),2,$len($meta(ALBUM ARTIST,0))),$meta(ALBUM ARTIST,0)),'/','-',':','-','?',)'\'$replace($if($stricmp($cut($meta(ALBUM,0),1),.),_$substr($meta(ALBUM,0),2,$len($meta(ALBUM,0))),$meta(ALBUM,0)),'/','-',':','-','?',)'\'*]

In bio sources-cycle  from folder and front

I tried some albums and seems to work. Even display the cover from rev_img first  8)

With the folder you said, it didn't download the cover to rev_image\first letter\album artist\album artist - album.jpg,

This way it does to rev_image\first letter\album artist\album\cover.jpg

Good enough.

If it is possible to merge the artist photos, will be great, but if not I can live with 2 directories and changes between them.

Thanks a lot


Even easier. foCycCov, foImgCov, foImgRev point to $directory_path(%path%). As the file downloaded is named cover didn't interference with the one downloaded with discogs tagger. Renaming the album art_ to scan_ to make them display after cover and voilä.
Fewer directories to managed, simpler scripts and more compatible with other softwares.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by Sickid -
Well the previous behaviour of silently ignoring idiotic bad arguments is just as bad as displaying a black panel so the next version will correctly throw script errors so everyone knows not to be so stupid. Thanks for reporting.

I think 0 is a perfectly normal value, which is inevitable in many cases.
I remember there was a similar problem in Spider Monkey Panel. When you draw a rectangle, it crashes if the width or height is equal to 0. It's ridiculous. (Now it must have been repaired.)
In a natural process of change, the emergence of a natural number is not allowed.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by paregistrase -
If I understand you correctly you can try the following:


You should be able to set Musica\Data\artist_art\%DISCOGS_ARTIST_ID% as the photo > custom folder, which is checked first. If no images are found it will fallback to the download folder (Musica\Data\art_img).

So if you want the discogs photos, when images are available, enable menu> sources > photo > ...custom. If you want the art_img enable the menu> sources > photo > folder.

If, as I believe you're on Wine and biography.cfg is being directly edited use, \\ not \ e.g. Z:\\Musica\\Data\\artist_art\\%DISCOGS_ARTIST_ID%

That's what I manged to do, 2 directories and change the display in the menu.
I wonder if there is a way to display the 2 directories at once. A menu entry like the one for cover folder and foobar default photos where you can select more than one source and all are displayed and cycled at the same time.

Review images

I'm not really sure why the rev_img is required if the album art cover is present. Consequently, the behavior is to only download rev_img if the cover is missing. To force it to get rev_img you could block loading of the album art cover until you have them. It's also possible to remove the check with a small edit:
Comment out lines 336 & 337 in server.js:
//const g_img = utils.GetAlbumArtV2(handle, 0, false);
//if (g_img) return;
I think that would be all that's needed in your case, but there are some tricky scenarios and so its not present as an option.

That should then save the rev_img.

1) $directory_path(%path%): e.g. use fb2k display > front. You can also use back cover etc if you have them.
2) rev_img: in covers: cycle folder (foCycCov) enter, e.g.  Z:\Musica\Data\rev_img (use \\ not \ if directly editing biography cfg)
    - note that your folder puts the review cover images by all artists in the same place
    - so adjust if you didn't mean that or include %BIO_ALBUMARTIST% & %BIO_ALBUM% in the path if you want one image per folder
    - either way the covers: cycle folder & review albumart save folder should be the same
3) On menu sources > cover enable: cycle above [set to front etc]  & cycle from folder

I understand the logic. In a normal case there is no need to download a new cover if there is already one, but with the cover downloaded from discogs there's a potencial use.

Sometimes these images are literal photos of the album over a table, have the stickers, prices, etc. or there are specific to the album release (Japan version for example).

Instead the, allmusic are usually a standard image of the cover.

With that edit, I can download the rev_img without checking if it is already present and use the default fb2k to have two folder. Clever

But i need to do it inversely.

Using the rev_img to the fb2k display because there is only one and point the cycle folder to the $directory_path(%path%) that contains more than one.

So I need to recreate "Z:\\mnt\\wd\\Musica\\Data\\rev_img\\$lower($cut(%BIO_ALBUMARTIST%,1))\\%BIO_ALBUMARTIST%", with %album artist% because %bio_albumartist% is not accessible outside the component right?.

In the default artist image I use this replaces to show one image from the script folder
Code: [Select]

Will the same replaces work with bio_album, or I need something more?

And out of curiosity...what are the possible problems?


General Audio / Re: Downsampling to 44.1 - integer vs non-integer ratio
Last post by kode54 -
The same doesn't usually happen to lossy codecs if the implementation is purely integer, unless you change some stage of the processing to have different precision behavior, which can possibly happen, for example, with libMAD depending on which 64 bit multiply you configure it to use.
CUETools / Re: EAC and CUETools questions
Last post by Aleron Ives -
I also had to repair my first CD with CUETools a few weeks ago and had similar confusion. As soon as you finish ripping, your results are submitted to CUETools, unlike AccurateRip, which requires you to manually submit your results from the menu. This means that once you rip a CD, all the tracks that you ripped successfully are added to the database, and the confidence increases by one. The next time you try to verify, the confidence numbers will have incremented by one, since your results are now in the database.

As Porcus said, the 1/461 is the bad result for that track you submitted earlier, so it doesn't match anybody else's. The 182/461 means CUETools has matched your rip to a different result that 182 other people got. When CUETools says this, it means you have the option to repair your rip to match the rips of those 182 other people.

Also note that in the EAC window right after you finish a rip, the CUETools information is at the very top, followed by all the AR information. In the actual log file, though, the CUETools information is at the very bottom, instead.

The logs can be kind of confusing if you're repairing a rip. If you want to be sure everything is OK, copy the WAV files to a separate folder with no log files in it and then verify that folder. You should see normal CUETools and AR results if the repair worked. Take notice of the disc TOC in the EAC log, though. If the first track doesn't start at LBA 0, you'll need to manually put the LBA into the "Offset" field in CUETools before you try to verify the rip. If you don't, CUETools may not be able to find the right match for your disc.