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Question on foo_input_usf

Does anyone know if there's a simple way to either: A) convert a particular USF song (that is capable of looping endlessly) in such a way where the resulting music file will loop seamlessly if played with gapless playback (that is, the component/foobar will determine where to cut off the song, and also not impose any fade out), or B) convert the song to a regular music file at any arbitrarily long duration (so as to effectively having it be able to loop as long as I'd like)?

In the options for foo_input_usf you're able to set songs to play indefinitely. You're also able to set an arbitrary length (I think this is just for songs that don't have one set), but neither of these options seem to affect the output when converting to a typical music file.

If I end up wanting to do this for a number of songs I'd rather not have to individually go in with audacity or something to try and make clean loops for myself or, alternately, straight up play the song for a legit hour or so and record it just to have an extended loop.

Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Question on foo_input_usf

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The timer info for USF format doesn't account for loop points, the people timing them would listen for the loop points manually and usually time songs to 2x loop + fade. So unfortunately no, there is no simple way to do what you are asking for in A) (as far as I am aware), and it would be a case of using an audio editor (I often do this too for looping sections of songs I really enjoy.) Perhaps some clever looppoint detection AI could be a possibility in future though, for identifying 99% similar sections of audio in songs. It would certainly make timing untimed sets a lot easier.

B) is easy enough and will work, though the results won't be particularly elegant. There are two ways, one is to use the Context Menu->Tagging->Edit length option included with foo_input_usf. The other is to open miniusfs in a text editor and edit the length value - you can add a shortcut to your text editor of choice within foobar2000 using foo_run. I'm using this shortcut for Notepad++:

Code: [Select]
"C:\Program Files '('x86')'\Notepad++\notepad++.exe" "%path%"

And you can make toolbar buttons for whichever method you prefer.


Re: Question on foo_input_usf

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Thank you! I agree it's not very elegant, but option B works well enough for my purposes for now. Appreciate the guidance.