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Back again after a long while without issues.
FB now opens and within a minute, crashes. Then when I re-open it asks me whether I want to go into safe mode, another and restart normally. I then start the convert process (to mp3) and it says "please install Lame.exe".

I forgot how to get it and also how to install it.

Will someone help, please?

Re: Lame.exe

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Second issue:

For your first issue you're going to need to supply a lot more info for someone to help you--what version are you using, how was it installed, when did it start crashing, is there a log in the crash reports folder, what plugins do you have installed, etc.


Re: Lame.exe

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The encoder pack is what I was looking for and like so much computer-ese, I just didn't know the name to google it.
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