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General - (fb2k) / Re: [Request] View ReplayGain Track Gain True Peak Levels in Playlist as dB
Last post by Porcus -
If I choose to prevent clipping according to peak, how much is it reduced then? So much that the maximizing sample hits full scale precisely, or is it kept a bit lower due to safeguard against some Microsoft behaviour near full peak?

This new field gave some interesting info:

I think this should return what is limited by peak in order to prevent clipping, right?
Code: [Select]
%replaygain_album_gain% PRESENT AND %replaygain_album_peak% PRESENT AND "$add($replace(%replaygain_album_gain%,.,,dB,),$replace(%replaygain_album_peak_db%,.,,dB,))" GREATER -1
... assuming album mode is used, then.

Throwing in "%__encoding% HAS lossless AND", returns two thirds of my classical music.

How many tracks hit the ceiling? Replace "album" by "track" returns a third. Again, of my (lossless-encoded) classical music.

Non-classical? Not so much.
General Audio / Re: Downsampling Vinyl-Rips to CD
Last post by FLX90 -
Okay, thank you for the explanation.

So here I have my to batch-files. For CD to ALAC only, without resampling and for Vinyl 24 Bit to 16 Bit.

16 Bit:
Code: [Select]
FOR %%A IN (*.flac) DO ffmpeg -i "%%A" -map_metadata -1 -acodec alac "%%A.m4a" 2>> ffmpeg.log

24 Bit:
Code: [Select]
FOR %%A IN (*.flac) DO ffmpeg -i "%%A" -map_metadata -1 -af "aresample=44100:resampler=soxr:precision=33:osf=s16:dither_method=shibata" -acodec alac "%%A.m4a" 2>> ffmpeg.log

(-map_metadata -1 because I want to clean tags completly with TuneUp.)

16 Bit Input:
Code: [Select]
Audio: FLAC (framed) 44100Hz stereo 1411kbps [A: flac, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16]
16 Bit Output
Code: [Select]
Audio: ALAC 44100Hz stereo 1059kbps [A: SoundHandler (alac, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16, 1059 kb/s)]

24 Bit Input:
Code: [Select]
Audio: FLAC (framed) 96000Hz stereo 4608kbps [A: flac, 96000 Hz, stereo, s24]
24 Bit Output
Code: [Select]
Audio: ALAC 44100Hz stereo 811kbps [A: SoundHandler (alac, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16, 811 kb/s)]

Why are the 16 Bit Outputs always much higher bitrate than the 24 Bit Outputs?

From the log-file:
What does the 128 kb/s mean?
Code: [Select]
Stream #0:0: Audio: alac (alac / 0x63616C61), 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 128 kb/s

And what is that overhead?
Code: [Select]
overhead: 0.044341%

I will test the files for clicks.
Hopefully there are none.

Thank you for your help.
Audio Hardware / Re: Help me build my first serious music (stereo) system
Last post by DVDdoug -
Speaking of speakers...     The biggest difference in "sound character" between different speakers is frequency response, and you can adjust that (to an extent) with equalization.    (AJ might have a bit more to say about on-axis & off-axis response, etc.,  and he's more of an expert than I.)

There are limits to what EQ can do, especially at low frequencies where the laws of physics come into play.    i.e.  When you boost the bass, you can end-up overdriving the speaker or amplifier.   And, there are room acoustics issues that can't be corrected with EQ.

General - (fb2k) / Re: Any easy way to load foobar on startup to the system tray?
Last post by Patti12 -
Reviving an old thread as I have the same exact problem as OP. I have my foobar setup as a media server with foo_upnp plugin and want foobar to open as minimized to tray on Windows startup so my AV receiver can find the media server whenever my PC is on. I know how to make foobar open normally on startup but it's annoying to manually minimize it to tray whenever I start my PC.
Actually i figured this out.
What I'm asking seems to be possible, would've been nice if OP would've disclosed how he figured it out...  ::)
General Audio / Re: Is it all bull**** now?
Last post by greynol -
Enjoyment is the name of the game. I'm still happy with my Yamaha RX-460 and Paradigm 3seMk3 speakers, as well as other speakers that I (in my mind) have positioned carefully.  Never felt the need to go beyond the bass, treble, mid-cut, and the other crucial tone control: volume. I can make the system sound good to me at any level I consider reasonable for the situation.  How did we ever get by without room correction?  Yeah, yeah, something like the picture I posted earlier, I know.  Oh, that and bass traps. ;)

I also have an RX-770 and a pair of AR9s (Hi-Res Series), but I don't have an appropriate room to put them in.   I also had a pair of AR S20s that I really liked.

Do I have tin ears?  Dunno, but I was told that I was one of the best critical listeners at the time when I worked for Dolby Labs.
General Audio / Re: Is it all bull**** now?
Last post by BrilliantBob -
The expensive sound systems don't repair the damaged ears of the olders.

For an average sound amateur like me, a cheap $120 speakers eg. Microlab M-910 are good enough for my PC in my room. With a tested audible range of 10Hz-14,000 Hz ( samples), these speakers cover the ATH of any so called "audiophile" aged >50. Someone wrote here the people aged >50 rarely can hear sounds >10,000 Hz and I trust him. The 10 Hz and 14,000 Hz samples seems to be more like vibrations and perceptions than sounds. I think these expensive and sophisticated sound systems (others than the snake oil pretty devices) are good only for some extra surround effects wich make people think they got the God's ears.
General - (fb2k) / Re: New to Foobar2000
Last post by Clando57 -
I've tried Picard and foo_discogs. Even if they both retrieve some informations, none satisfy me. Picard doesn't find any information about composers and Discogs doesn't fill them in accurately. As said above, I was really not looking for a plugin that would give approximative results, I wanted to do that perfectly by myself.

Indeed, Columns UI lets me do what I want. Thank you !
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