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Correct track title and performer data

I have a number of cue files for CD-image rips that were created without access to an online database, so they only contain track data like "Track01" and "Unknown Artist." I'm looking for a way to correct the track descriptions from an online database. Can CueTools do this? I couldn't find a way. If this isn't currently possible, it would be a nice feature. Thanks.


Re: Correct track title and performer data

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It can be done with some limitations. You'll only be able to process one cue at a time and you'll need the properly ripped lossless CD image file named as the FILE in the CUE. (This method won't work for lossy formats or non-redbook).
You'll probably want to check the box: Audio Filenames - Keep original filenames
Action: Encode
Mode: Image + CUE
Audio Output: None, Audio file format: set to match original
CUE Paths
Output: Use template
Template: [%directoryname%\]%filename%-new[%unique%].cue
or similar

When the 'Select the best match' window comes up for the metadata be sure to make a selection.


Re: Correct track title and performer data

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That worked after a little experimentation. The first time I got an error about manual output selection illegal in batch mode. I think I had to make sure the folder browser was selected, select a different folder, then go back to the original. I found that your procedure worked even when the CD image file was a flac file, but the cue sheet named a wav file.

Does CueTools get the track times from the database? So far, all of the CDs in the database had the same times as in the local cue file.


Re: Correct track title and performer data

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The track start positions (and gaps) come from the original CUE. CUETools uses the track start positions and track lengths from the CUE + Image length to calculate the ID's needed to access the information in the databases. CUETools can also retrieve info from an EAC extraction log for correct AccurateRip ID calculation (such as the existence and length of a CD-Extra data track on the original CD).

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