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You know, I was just thinking that my system needed more odd-order harmonics...
Dunning KruEger strikes again.
LatencyMon is a utility that can help. Back in the Windows 8 days, I used it to identify a buggy USB Wi-Fi network driver that was not releasing control back to the kernel often enough, causing audio dropouts. I replaced the driver with one from the manufacturer and the issue disappeared.
Yes, but if you want to check the self recorded CDR that you have in the car since 2001 whether you recorded it from lossless or MP3, then it can be useful.
augustine, it seems you got it backwards, the question is "from Atmos to Ambisonics", not vice versa.
General Audio / MP3 file analyzer tool?
Last post by xerces8 -

I remember using (ages ago) a tool that analyzed a MP3 file and detected the used encoder, parameters used (some of them, like joint stereo etc...) and together with the bitrate gave a quick assessment whether the file is junk, good, or "near CD" (ignoring the source of course).

Does anyone remember that tools name? Are maybe there other similar tools (maybe supporting other codecs, knowing if an AAC file was encoded with some old version of faac or latest iTunes...)?

General Audio / Re: Introducing TuneFUSION
Last post by spoon -
Big update adding:

Remote Sync (through the Internet)
Sync to Network Folder
Tube MQA digital. Tweakable with $7k power cord. Hurray!
This one has the blessings of Mr Vinyl himself  ;)


3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by gr8cx -
hmm i append fy+ to http: but very very slow opening m3u file with 2000 lines to playlist
Vinyl / Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over
Last post by ajinfla -
And it's true that classical music lovers were the most enthusiastic early adopters but the main reasons mentioned at the time were a lower noise floor and the ability to play a complete work without having to turn over rather than sound quality itself (though you might consider lower noise a quality improvement). Having said that I'm sure there were many lured by the promised improvements in sound quality

I was also there at the time and was involved (albeit in a small way) with the launch of CD in theUK. I stand by what I say
Right, baseless, factless opinion from the bubble fringe.