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Post disappeared?

Yesterday I posted a feature request to the Foobar board, though all traces of the thread seem to have disappeared. Could you please confirm whether this was a moderator/admin action, or a problem with the forum software?

It's just the post took a while to type out, so it would be good to know before I type it out again.

Re: Post disappeared?

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I see it. It's about 5 slots down on the Recent Posts page. And it was posted to the General Audio board.

Re: Post disappeared?

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That's another post on watermarking, the one I'm referring to was a feature suggestion with details of a Foobar issue.

Re: Post disappeared?

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I don't see anything in the moderation log or your recent posts other than the referenced watermarking thread.

Re: Post disappeared?

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Very odd! Thanks for confirming -- I'll try resubmitting it. :-)

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