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Support - (fb2k) / Re: fb2k 1.6.6 & bugs with M4A files
Last post by sveakul -
AFAIUnderstand, the problem is that the file is not what the extension claims it to be? It should be an .aac, but someone has just renamed it? (If you replace the extension by ".wav", some players will refuse to play it and others will dig through and identify it.)

So the fix for a ".MP4" that isn't MP4, is to put it in an MP4 container, and then it should work. (.m4a is just an audio-only MP4). That repair is fully lossless.

@sveakul : This is not one of those that need the -bsf:aac_adtstoasc filter?
Hi Porcus, the file OP PM'd me was not just an extension rename but did spec out as a dash wrapped AAC that wouldn't seek even when renamed.  You're right that extracting the AAC and putting it into a M4a container fixed the seek.

I'm afraid I have no knowledge of the -bsf:aac_adtstoasc filter you asked about, I just ran with what I posted as my command line and trusted ffmpeg to make a direct copy of the codec content and re-wrap, which fixed the seek.  Can you describe its function?
General Audio / Need help creating a bat file for FinalCD batch resampling
Last post by Sundr0wn -
I found the following bat code posted by a user in a different forum:

@Echo Off
FOR /F "tokens=*" %%k IN ('dir /b *.wav') DO "C:\Users\kiefe\Software\FinalCD/finalcd.exe" /f0 /d1 "%%k"
Echo Conversion Complete

Credit: Mr.S

It works well and i have set it to sharp and TPDF dither on using the /f and /d parameters. I've also got a copy with /d0 to disable the dither.
So basically, i'd like to have two different bat files. One with dither and one without dither (for resampling audio that is already 16bit but higher than 44.1kHz). But the script from Mr.S saves them in the same folder with a prefix to the file name. Since i use the filenames for sorting before manually adding tags that also isnt an option.
So basically if someone could explain to me how to change this bat file so that it saves the resampled files in a separate folder without changing the input filename (or putting changes at the end) i'd be delighted.
You can drag this file into a folder and double click it to compress all files in this folder but i also noticed that when dragging a single file onto the bat i does still resample all the files in the folder. So if that can be changed would also be very nice but not necessary since i can easily work around that.
General - (fb2k) / One key shortcut to stop the playback and minimize foobar
Last post by ANDREW007CZ -
Hi, I've been using foobar for at lease 5 years and enjoy it the most.

One thing I miss is to hit just one button to stop the playback and minimize foobar at once. I use foobar for listening various short sounds like some sound effects, ambiences where I need playback of just a few seconds and then stop it and open another file from an explorer. I usually do it by quitting the foobar (mapped for a key "q") but then it takes time to start foobar again after a few seconds.
I didn't figure out how to make a single key hit to stop the playback and minimize foobar so it is already running to very quickly open another file to play.

Do you have any suggestion please?

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Manager-SMP
Last post by Koshingg -
And another suggestion here, although maybe it can't be done with SMP. It's possible to automatically copy a tag (or more) to another tag when songs are added to library? (something that this old component can do , but it can only accomplish one task, not more)
So, let's say I want to copy the Date tag to another tag, Date2, and Artist tag to Artist2
I know it can be done with masstagger but obviously it would be easier like this, automatically

Edit : just noticed this cool color code for DR, in this gif Can you share it ? :)

One for bitrate :

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Tools-SMP
Last post by Koshingg -
I have a suggestion if you like it and it's easy to implement. When using: Playlist tools - other tools - import track list - import from file \ url ...... It's possible after we import that text file with songs to have the results about tracks not found on libary, like this :

the buggles - video killed the radio star
peter gabriel - sledgehammer
culture club - karma chameleon
billy ocean - when the going gets tough, the tough get going
guns n' roses - sweet child o' mine

Currently we have this :

Line 0-> Artist: the buggles, Title: video killed the radio star
Line 2-> Artist: peter gabriel, Title: sledgehammer
Line 6-> Artist: culture club, Title: karma chameleon
Line 7-> Artist: billy ocean, Title: when the going gets tough, the tough get going
Line 10-> Artist: guns n' roses, Title: sweet child o' mine
This is useful for big playlists (I had a playlist with 1300 songs from spotify, and this behavior would be great ) , because the returned songs that are not found on the library can easily be imported for example in a playlist on youtube ( using this , and then played inside foobar  (or you can do something else with that playlist)
I'm not saying the old behavior must be removed, just if it's possible to add this too, the possibility to return only Artist - Title (for the songs not present in library).
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