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Equalizer split (foo_dsp_eqsplit) - Plugin won't show

Hi there,

I need some advice. I want to use the "Split Equalizer" plugin and encounter the following problem:
- I downloaded and installed the plugin successfully.
- In the "DSP Manager", I put "Split Equalizer" into the left "Active DSP" column. This is the ONLY active DSP I have.
- Then, when I choose "DSP" in the "View" menu, all I got is "Equalizer" (even though the "classic" equalizer" is not supposed to be active according to my settings), and if I open it, it's just the "classic" equalizer, with no separate EQ for left and right channel.

I already tried restarting foobar and restarting my computer and really don't know what else I should do...

Thanks for your help!


Re: Equalizer split (foo_dsp_eqsplit) - Plugin won't show

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The intended way to configure the EQ splitter DSP is to use the DSP pane in Preferences to show the configuration dialogs in sequence for the channels.
It has never been intended to work together with any main menu item, nor does it expose any of its own.
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