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Topic: Good ways to stream music from a (Synology) NAS to an (iOS) mobile (Read 644 times) previous topic - next topic
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Good ways to stream music from a (Synology) NAS to an (iOS) mobile

I'm looking to stream music from my Synology NAS to my mobile (iOS) - and at a 2nd stage to an Arcam rPlay.

And the moment I try Synology's proprietary "Audio Station" (server) plus the "DS Audio" (iOS client). However it feels pretty clunky. So I thought I should try other Music clients (like Reglian and other mpd compatible ones), but then I guess I need another server on my NAS too - and amongst Synololgy's default packages is no other Audio server.

So my question is: What do other people with a (Synology) NAS to stream their music to their mobile?

PS: Not sure whether 'General' is the best area for these kind of questions - so I'm happy to move this post if there is a better area...

Re: Good ways to stream music from a (Synology) NAS to an (iOS) mobile

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Your best bet is UPnP/DLNA as this is the multi media server the NAS is running.

If you want to run another server list a couple of packages
iTunes server, wouldn't be surprised if it works with iOS

Re: Good ways to stream music from a (Synology) NAS to an (iOS) mobile

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Thanks for chiming in, @Roseval! And thanks for pointing me to DLNA: Didn't have it on my radar.

I had a look at MinimServer. Looks pretty good for Music. - Does anybody has experience with (particularly when accessing it from an iOS app)?

Re: Good ways to stream music from a (Synology) NAS to an (iOS) mobile

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MinimServer is an excellent UPnP server, it's flexible, stable and very lightweight. Assuming you're using FLAC it allows you to browse ALL your tags (other formats vary) and enables you to have custom artwork e.g. Artist, Album, Disc subtitle e.t.c.

That being said, it's just UPnP and it only surfaces your tags so you're never going to get as rich a browsing experience as you could with Roon, unless of course you find a control point that does all the scraping for you.

My favourite control point is BubbleUPnP for Android, I have no experience of any for iOS but a lot of users are on that platform and a lengthy discussion can be found here. I believe Lumin is popular but it does require an OpenHome renderer (so not sure it'll play on the phone itself), so you may need to use BubbleUPnP Server to proxy the Arcam.