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Extigy Vs Game Theater XP

Creative Labse Sound Blaster Extigy
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Hercules Game Theater XP 6.1
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Extigy Vs Game Theater XP


I'm not that much into gaming...
I LOVE MP3's, MPC's, AAC's, Monkey Audio etc.
I'd like to do some recording through digital in. Yamaha DG Stomp -> coaxial cable -> soundcard
Good MIDI quality would be nice
Price is important as well ( Herc 40% cheaper than CL where i live )
USB hub is a welcome feature
independent Dolby Digital decoding is welcome as well

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Extigy Vs Game Theater XP

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I lean heavily towards Hercules Game Theater. It's much cheaper ($99 vs $149), it has RCA jacks, and most of all - I CAN'T STAND Creative Labs!

Extigy Vs Game Theater XP

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I recommend neither... The drivers for the Hercules card are quite poor and have higher CPU usage than necessary... Instead I recommend Hercules Fortissimo III 7.1 which have quite nice audio quality, good drivers, low processor usage and of course 7.1 sound...  And it's also cheaper than both of those other cards...

Extigy Vs Game Theater XP

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If you can find it, go for a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz.
If you really want to get the Extigy, consider the Audigy instead unless you need to use a laptop.

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