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General - (fb2k) / Little frezees when tagging playing track
Last post by fabiospark -
The files are on an hard disk in a PC (mediabox) dedicated to play music through FB (1.3.8) (win XP SP3).
The FB (1.3.8) I'm using for tagging is on another PC (desk) on the same cabled LAN (running W7 64).
In the media library settings of the "desk" there are a few folders of the HDD of "mediabox" (seen as a network drive).

The "mediabox" is doing nothing. Its FB is stopped.
On the "desk" I'm listening files and I'm tagging them through buttons
that fire masstagger scrips.
When I launch one of them, sometimes the playback frezees for times
between half a second to two seconds, and I can see the "Updating files" window.

What test should I run to understand why this happens?
Both PCs mount a Gigabit LAN card and are set with static IP.
They are connected through a 3Com Office connect Gbit switch.
Not more then 10m of cat 6 cable between the two PCs and the switch.


General Audio / Re: WMP Tag Plus - MPEG4, Vorbis and FLAC metadata support for WMP
Last post by Tim De Baets -
Announcement: the final version of Windows Media Player Plus! 2.10 (*not* WMP Tag Plus) has recently been released. To fix the "Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled" error message, you can now install that final version instead of the beta (or any possible newer version of Windows Media Player Plus!).

As soon as a new WMP Tag Plus version is released, the fix will also be part of that release, but for now, no such release is planned. Until then, installation of Windows Media Player Plus! is the only way to get the fix, but as said before you can just uninstall Windows Media Player Plus! again afterwards if you just need the fix.

Important note: for unknown reasons, Microsoft have added a Write media information changes to files setting to WMP in the Spring Creators Update of Windows 10, and have defaulted it to *off*. That means that by default, any tag changes made in WMP's library aren't written back to file, both for natively supported formats and for formats supported through WMP Tag Plus. I would *strongly* recommend anyone making tag changes in the library (including using Windows Media Player Plus!'s tag editor) to turn that setting on - it can be found through Tools - Options - Library (press Ctrl+M if you don't see the Tools menu).

In addition to this, it seems that Microsoft's native FLAC tag support completely refuses to write any tag changes to file in recent Windows 10 builds, even with the setting mentioned above turned on. So if you use FLAC in WMP's library with the native FLAC tag support, it's highly recommended to disable this native support and instead use the support added by WMP Tag Plus. Instructions on how to do that can be found in the WMP Tag Plus FAQ.
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 for mac
Last post by SEPARATOR -
Hello; re to Peter / Foobar2000 for Mac developers;

I registered to be able to post here and comment on Foobar2000 for Mac. Will give a few comments and suggestions.

When I came to the point I could switch to Mac due to financial constrains, I was shocked and annoyed to learn that there is no Foobar2000 for Mac. Additionally, most audio players are complete junk full of "features", actually preventing people from listening to music, same like on Windows machines. It turned out the only alternative is VLC; which is not that pleasant to use as an audio player. It is bulky and has weird usage logic. Than I found you published Foobar for Mac! :) Kudos! I use Foobar for mac essentially from the beginning for music play purposes. There are some issues with it however. If fixed, Foobar might as well become player of preference for Mac for millions of users.

1. Cmd+Backspace doesn't delete stuff from playlist; same for Fn+Backspace (del), only mouse right-click works - this is annoying
2. Foobar2000 **really** needs in program volume bar. Without it it is not possible to fine-tune volume levels
3. It would be fantastic if Foobar2000 would be integrated with Mac audio controls

You do this, and it would be bye bye all other players for tech savvy users.

Thank for making this software. Foobar is brilliant in its simplicity and effectiveness.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Let foobar play a folder
Last post by FiB3R -
Sorry for reviving an old thread, but to save others from searching any further, I thought this updated and extra info would be of use.

File > Preferences > Shell Integration > Folder context menus

If it's still not showing, disable Windows Media Player.…

Click the start button and type or paste "windows features", and then click on Turn Windows features on or off > Media Features > un-check Windows Media Player.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: trouble tagging dsf files
Last post by SunnyDay -
Thanks for the answer

The first i wanted to change the tag and i didn't work so i checked if the files were read only or not.
There weren't. So i did again the tag operation without luck

At this time i didn't had the  foo_input_sacd-1.1.0 component.
I do the operation again with it but nothing change and i don't find where to configure it
But changing tags with mp3tag works well and are being accepted by foobar.

In any case,  any error message pop-up.
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