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--no-overwrite in wvunpack?

Windows 10, 64 bit, WavPack 5.7.0

Wvunpack does not seem to support the --no-overwrite switch. The front docs page mentions it, but is vague about whether one, the other, or both programs have it. The wvunpack docs do not mention it, or any other switch that does that job.

"Both programs will warn before overwriting any file (unless the -y or --no-overwrite switch is specified)"

Is there a way to coerce wvunpack into that behavior (never overwrite existing files) without having to have the batch file or registry context menu entry reply "n" every time to whatever prompt may come up?

Re: --no-overwrite in wvunpack?

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Sorry for the vagueness. The --no-overwrite option is only available in wavpack, not in wvunpack.

The original logic for the --no-overwrite switch was handling cases where only a partial conversion had been done, or multiple instances were being run in the same folder, and this is much more applicable to wavpack because the “extra” option can make it very slow. Wvunpack is always pretty fast, so it didn’t seem to make any sense there. Also, wvunpack can extract tags to files, so that was something else to consider.

That said, I had not considered the option just being used simply to suppress the “overwrite?” query in batch operations. If you think that’s a useful addition, and works well in the wavpack program, I can certainly throw the same logic into the next release of wvunpack.

Re: --no-overwrite in wvunpack?

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It would be marginally useful. I solved the problem with an if not exist... in batch files, but i haven't figured out whether I want to do that in the registry or not, for context menu items, or even whether I can. I need to read more - that part of the registry (actually, most of it) is poorly documented, AFAIK.

I currently have 'flac', 'force flac', 'unflac', and 'force unflac' in context menu items. Similar options for wavpack would be nice, but there may be other ways to do that.


Re: --no-overwrite in wvunpack?

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Okay, thanks. Let me know if you run into trouble.

I think it still makes sense to bring it in wvunpack, but it's obviously not an emergency.