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"How I can remove vocals ?" - answers here :

Because many of you ask about this , i try to help you :



AnalogX Vocal Remover (DX) v1.00

AnalogX Vocal Remover (Winamp) v1.03

Very useful can be and :

AnwidaSoft GEQ31V VST v1.1

TC.Works.Native.Bundle.v3.0.VST (Graphic EQ and Parametric EQ)

Unfortunately , in many cases , removing vocals , you 'll remove and some frequences from orkestration , but must to try ,with patience , the results are different in each case !

I hope this 'll be useful to you !

Doru Malaia

"How I can remove vocals ?" - answers here :

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The third, fourth, and sixth links are broken.

"How I can remove vocals ?" - answers here :

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It seems VogoneVocalEliminationWorkstationv2.014 is the only software that using some kind of vocal removal algorithm. The others just do substraction process and some broken links.

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