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How to also add Genre and Year to CD text?

Hi all,

Thanks for your great information provided at this forum.

I have successfully created a CD using Nero 8 displaying text for Album, track titles and artist.
I noticed when using the WMPCDText plugin for windows media player, it also displays the year and genre, but they say “unknown year” and “unknown genre”.

Is there software that can also allow recording of the year and genre to the CD text? I can’t seem to find this option in Nero 8, current software.
I would rather the text read for example:  “2012” and “Relaxation” rather than “unknown”.

Can Nero do this? Any other software someone could recommend?

Thanks again

Warm regards,


How to also add Genre and Year to CD text?

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me again ...

an additional thought, it might be the case that the year and genre are reserved for metadata from .mp3 files and the like ...


How to also add Genre and Year to CD text?

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Writing release year to CD-Text is not possible, as the CD-Text specification doesn't provide any keyword for this.

Genre is possible but you will have to burn the CDs with something else than Nero. For testing my WMPCDText plug-in, I was able to write genre by using CDRDAO and a self-written TOC file.

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