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Need help with CUERipper output path formatting


didn't visit this forum for some time and was now quite surprised to find this promising tool CUERipper when I returned. Would like to rip a couple of CDs and tried dBpoweramp Reference before coming here but could not get CUE sheet generation to work. It's not built-in and spoon is working on other things for a couple of months, the existing CUE beta codec only gave me errors and users are complaining that it doesn't get updated. Gave up on this. Now I'd like to try CUERipper. When it comes to specifying the output path, I get lost because I don't know the foobar syntax and the wiki seems to be missing examples. Setting up this in dBpoweramp took me hours, it's working as I want now and I'd like to translate the following to CUERipper output path:

Code: [Select]
[genre]\[IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][]\[IFCOMP][album] ([SETLEN]4,0,0,[year][][IFVALUE]release date,-[SETLEN]4,0,0,[tag]release date[][][][IFMULTI], [[disc_total]CD[])[IFVALUE]release info, [[tag]release info[]][]\[IF!COMP][SETLEN]4,0,0,[year][][IFVALUE]release date,-[SETLEN]4,0,0,[tag]release date[][][] [album][IFMULTI] [[disc_total]CD][][IFVALUE]release info,[[tag]release info[]][][IFMULTI]\Disc [disc][]\[track][IFCOMP] [artist] -[] [title]

I already figured out that I can replace [genre] with $meta(genre,1). But as it seems, there's no COMPILATION tag in Foobar2000 / CUERipper, right? I guess I will need something like

Code: [Select]
$if(%album artist%=="Various Artists", ... , ...)

Is this C-like syntax correct? I searched the Web but haven't found anything. Can you please help?



Need help with CUERipper output path formatting

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In foobar2k, a string function is used to compare such as
$stricmp("Various Artists",%album artist%)

Unfortunately CUETools/CUERipper only partially utilizes foobar2k formatting so I don't think this is included.

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