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Where does CueTools store CD information?

Whenever you use CueTools to manipulate your files a box pops up that samples several databases so you can choose the closest metadata match to your CD.  There must be a local database on the hard drive that is unique to each user because if you edit the fields to your liking the next time you use Cuetools on the image/tracks right at the top is your personalized one.  I have hundreds of CDs I have processed with CueTools but now I am faced with having to reinstall Windows 7 and I need to know which file/files I need to copy to the new installation so I maintain all of this work.

I know there is a file in EAC you can copy to keep it's settings and in the old days it was simply cdplayer.ini that stored all such information for all audio programs but I cannot find the where Cutools stores this data on my hard drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Where does CueTools store CD information?

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Using Windows 7 it's at C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\CUE Tools
Concretely, it's the file named LocalDB.xml

Where does CueTools store CD information?

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Thank you vry much.

Where does CueTools store CD information?

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Unfortunately that does not seem to be the solution.  I copied that file over from my old installation and all the CDs I had edited were not present in my versions.  I did a couple of CDs over again on the new system and the LocalDB.xml.z file did not change and my database entries were still shown in CueTools when I completely deleted that file altogether.

Now I am more baffled than ever.  This information has to be stored somewhere, the question is just where.


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