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3 USB DACs Compared: NuForce, Benchmark & Behringer

I've set up my first Listening Test on my blog among the line outputs of these three USB DACs by recording them with a Benchmark ADC1:
  • NuForce uDAC-2 ($129)
  • Behringer UCA202 ($29)
  • Benchmark DAC1 Pre ($1595)

This test is partly in response to NuForce having stated several times they compromised the measured performance of their DAC in favor of better sound quality (see my uDac-2 review for the measurements). So this is a chance to compare the uDac-2's sound to the other two DACs above in the most fair and balanced way I could come up with. I'm sure my methodology can be improved upon, however.

Anyone interested can download the appropriate files from the article, listen, and post your comments here or directly at the end of the blog article. I just ask, if you are fairly certain of the identity of one or more tracks to please keep your comments in more general terms for now, or make them privately to me, to keep the test a bit more "blind" for time being to not spoil the fun for others just yet.

I also may be repeating this test using the headphone outputs which should reveal greater differences but isn't as level of a playing field because the results will be significantly influenced by whatever load is used.

NuForce uDAC-2 Listening Test

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