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Listening test dead links

I wanted to have a look at the lastest multiformat listening tests including mp3 in the wiki but all the links are dead. I desperately need to refute bogus arguments about a mp3 VS Vorbis argument in the 128 bps range (-V5 or -V6) and it's frustrating to have no data about it.
Reference :

Is there another not too old listening test?
Stupidity is root of all evil.

Listening test dead links

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Thank you so much.
It would be nice if the wiki could be updated. I am not a validated wiki user and therefore cannot modify the page.
Stupidity is root of all evil.

Listening test dead links

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The thing is that Garf offered to host a mirror of the old site here on Hydrogenaudio as subdomain which would be great since the majority of the visitors are HA readers. Unfortunately, this didn't happen so far. I can either use the mirror that a user was kind enough to create, but it has pop-ups or other kinds of advertisement. I would also like to avoid having to change links in the wiki every few weeks.


Listening test dead links

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Ah, awesome! Thanks!

Edit 1: I will update the links ASAP. My problem is that I forgot my wiki login details and apparently also didn't update my mail address. D'oh...

Edit 2: Updated links. Just noticed that I sent Garf a version of the site with the old mail address "". That address obviously doesn't work.

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