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Topic: FLAC -> AAC (MP4) - keeping and resizing embedded cover-art? (Read 1741 times) previous topic - next topic
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FLAC -> AAC (MP4) - keeping and resizing embedded cover-art?

As it says on the tin, any ideas on how to do this in a batch work-flow that doesn't require manual file-by-file processing?

I want to convert my entire music collection to AAC for my Walkman. All the FLACs have embedded hi-res cover-art.

I'd like the conversion process to take the cover-art, resize it down to something more sensible for the Walkman like 320x320px, and embed it in the new m4a files.

Foobar is the obvious tool to convert to AAC, but it strips the cover-art.

I have MP3Tag but I don't see that it can do much to help.

Any ideas?

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