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"Mosquito Ultrasonic Teen Repellent"

A friend brought this news article to my attention.
Armed with Teen Repellent

To my dismay, it apparently isn't loud or annoying enough to make teenagers "scatter" in a ratlike frenzy.  So strapping one of these to my Hyundai and cruising around near shopping malls and movie theaters is out of the question.  Oh well.

What your your thoughts on this product?

"Mosquito Ultrasonic Teen Repellent"

Reply #2
Being a teen my personal opinion is that it's cruel to those who weren't responsible for the making of that idea.
Oh well, I've never been around one of those nasty things but I've heard samples of them.
Speaking of ultrasonics, I found a 64kbps WMA news article explaining one of those things. They said they were playing tones but I didn't hear them! That is also not fair.
There we go again, talking about filters...
Maybe I should stop.

"Mosquito Ultrasonic Teen Repellent"

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I agree that these should be banned from businesses to use, as that is blatantly discriminatory.  However, they could be an endless source of melevalent fun. What cop would ever catch you?

They do, however, cost over $1000 CAD, but maybe I can find some schematics somewhere....

"Mosquito Ultrasonic Teen Repellent"

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I notice teens don't mind using another version of this sort of technology -- namely bumble bee ring tones. I have no problem with businesses using this technology.

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