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EAC: File Creation Error (SOLVED)

Hey all,

I was running along perfectly happy on my old system with EAC, using the basic setup guide from, well, somewhere. Anyway, it just stopped working out of the blue. I don't recall changing anything, but it just wouldn't rip anymore to any location I gave it.

I set it up on a new machine I have, copying the profile, and same problem, so clearly something in my setup it didn't like. I even tried setting it up all over again following the guide here on Reddit. Still no dice.

Finally, I checked my preferred file path settings, which were "%albumartist% - %albumtitle%\%artist% - %title%" and changed them to drop the subdirectory, and it works perfectly. What gives? Literally any attempt to have it generate the subdirectory fails.

I'm running the latest, 1.6, btw. I'm at a complete loss for why this would just completely stop working. I'm happy to roll back to 1.5 if it's a solution, but just curious if anyone knows why I might be seeing this. I'd appreciate any help anyone could offer.

It seems like it won't even generate a log when I try to - unless it's just autosaving it somewhere I have no idea about, lol. So unfortunately I can't share a log to help.

Re: EAC: File Creation Error

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What are your settings on the Directories tab? (EAC > EAC Options)

Re: EAC: File Creation Error

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Hey Korth, thank you for getting back to me!

I've had it both settings as ask every time and specifying, in this case I'm specifying under my user profile's Music directory. I'd been previously ripping to an external HDD but wanted to eliminate possible permissions issues.

Re: EAC: File Creation Error

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EAC generates a file creation error if any part of the filename mask is missing info, therefore EAC tries to create an invalid filename. Try populating each track's artist field or change filename construction to just the track's title. This can also happen if there are unacceptable filename characters in the data.
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Re: EAC: File Creation Error

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You're not going to believe it. I *SWEAR* I'd tried other albums, but that gave me what I needed to go on. The album name is HUGE (and because it went off field, I never noticed). I just cut it back to the basics and it ripped right away.

Maybe I had tried other albums, but similarly long names or something?

In either case, solved, thank you so much 2tec and Korth!

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