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How to rip pregap track with EAC?

I have a CD with a known pregap track before track 1 that I'm trying to rip with EAC v1.5. I've done some searching on the forums and several answers, new and old, say to select track 1 and then go to Action Menu -> Copy Selected Tracks Index-Based. However I don't have this option - I can Copy Selected Tracks but then the only suboption is Compressed or Uncompressed.

Does anyone have any ideas on this? I don't think it's a matter of specific EAC version as I've found identical forum answers from ten years ago and last year, though I suppose the Index-Based menu option could be context-based and related to either my EAC configuration or my CD drive abilities.

Re: How to rip pregap track with EAC?

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EAC > EAC Options > Tools tab
Untick Activate beginner mode, disable all advanced features
    Activate beginner mode, disable all advanced features

        (Default: disabled, Recommended: enabled, unless offset correction needs to be manually entered)

This option is not about whether you are a beginner; rather, it is about whether you have very unusual ripping needs.

When in beginner mode, EAC disables & hides the following "advanced" features:

    In the Action menu:
        Copy Selected Tracks Index-Based (Alt+X / Alt+Shift+X) [rip to separate files for each track index]

Re: How to rip pregap track with EAC?

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Thanks korth! That was the problem, the pregap rip worked for me.

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