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I need help with my phantom power situation

i need help PLEASE. I have a bm800 mic,newwer phantom power, xlr male to female cable and a 8mm type of xlr cable with a laptop. I'm want to use my mic while listening with headphones but i cant since i only have one 8mm port in my pc.i heard souncards will help but i heard sum creates a buzz sound. do you any of u guys know any good soundcards or anything else i can do? like can i put a xlr to usb cable into the phantom power and but it in the usb port and then put my headphones in the 8mm port? or get sum usb headphones and put em in there. let me know please

Re: I need help with my phantom power situation

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So, do you have a 48V phantom power supply?  Do you have a link to what you bought?

Normally, stage/studio microphones (balanced XLR connections) don't work properly with (unbalanced) consumer soundcards or laptops.   Sometimes you can get them to work but it's the "wrong" connection.

And normally, phantom power comes from from the audio interface, mixer, or preamp, so with the right equipment you don't need a separate power supply.

Most of these cheap "studio" microphones are actually electret condensers (like a "computer mic") which is different from a regular studio condenser mic, and they are sort-of an "unknown".   Some of them are supposed to work into a laptop or soundcard.  And, they often sell these things in a kit with a mic stand & pop filter and it's pretty obvious the there's more cost in the pretty housing & accessories than functioning part of the microphone.  :(

You can get a USB Audio Interface with a proper XLR microphone input and phantom power.

Another option is a USB "podcast" mic.   The Yeti is popular (I don't own one).     If you get a USB mic, I recommend getting one with a recording-volume control.    And, if you want to monitor yourself with headphones while recording there are USB mics & interfaces with a headphone jack and zero-latency hardware-monitoring so you don't get a delay through the computer.

Re: I need help with my phantom power situation

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From the sounds of it, you have everything, except you cannot connect heaphones and mic at the same time, because the xlr -> 3.5" cable uses the only jack on the laptop, which I assume is a combo jack for mic/audio out.

You probably need something like this:

You then connect this to the laptop, then the xlr -> 3.5" cable to the mic in on this splitter, and your heaphones to the "heaphones out".
Your PC should recognize this as a combo jack and configure itself accordingly

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