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CUERipper - Changing CDs

I've just begun using CUERipper 2.1.6 on Windows 10. I have an LG WH16NS40 drive with 1.03 firmware.  CUERipper does not recognize a CD change. It doesn't matter whether I use the eject button on the drive or in the program. Reload also does not change the listed meta or track data.  The only way I can get it to recognize the change is to close and reopen the program.

I've searched and found nothing related to this, so perhaps I'm not doing something obvious.  Any help would be appreciated.


Re: CUERipper - Changing CDs

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I am using CUERipper 2.1.6 on Win 10 x64 with the same drive and it operates properly.  My drive has never been updated from the original firmware 1.0.0.  If you want to experiment with rolling back the firmware:

Before doing so, you might want to confirm your CUERipper settings:

I don't see any option that would affect this behavior, however.

Please post back with your results.  Thanks.

Re: CUERipper - Changing CDs

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I recall experiencing a similar problem for a short time. Unfortunately I don't recall what (if anything) I did to correct it.
I don't recall an issue with AutoPlay or an issue with other software trying to take control of the drive.

Metadata is stored locally from each rip as xml. I don't recall an issue saving the xml file but I did start running as portable (removed user_profiles_enabled file from program folder) so I could run multiple versions for testing without messing up my settings.

Re: CUERipper - Changing CDs

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Thanks for the posts.  I have changed to run as portable and I've changed the options to default and back to not loading an image, plus extensive meta.  It is rather inconsistent but at least now it will refresh the meta/tracks without exiting. Often times I have to cycle the drawer multiple times. I will continue to work with it and post if I have anything worth mentioning.

I also wanted to try 2.1.7 but I get  "Failure to load ripper module" in the drive drop down.

I am a C# developer so perhaps I'll take a look at the code as some point.

Thanks again,

Re: CUERipper - Changing CDs

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Thanks. Although I didn't detect any of those situations, I deleted and unpacked again using 7-Zip and now it's good.

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