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Topic: Doubts about the DVD-A content and consequent ripp choices (Read 461 times) previous topic - next topic
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Doubts about the DVD-A content and consequent ripp choices

Doubts about the DVD-A infos and consequent ripp choices

Hello to all,
I have a doubt about the ripp of audio DVDs and the related infos on MusicBrainz.

I take as an example the DVD-A "Discipline", King Crimson, 40th Annyversary Series, KCSP8.
If I consult MusicBrainz (my usual reference), I find the exact release here.
The release is composed by a standard CD and a DVD audio.
The CD ripp is trivial: I always use EAC and the Picard for the reference level tagging.
For the DVD-A ripp I use DVD Audio Extractor 8.0.0 (DVDAE), then again Picard.
With DVDAE I can choose whether to ripp the tracks contained in the AUDIO_TS folder or those present in VIDEO_TS.
I noticed that the tracks mapped in MusicBrainz are (almost) always those present in VIDEO_TS. However, I also know that in AUDIO_TS I usually find a subset of the same audio tracks but with a higher resolution, in the mentioned exemple 96kHz/24bit instead of 48kHz/24bit.
At this point the dilemma arises: what to ripp, VIDEO_TS (with exact reference in MusicBrainz but lower resolution) or AUDIO_TS (without references in MusicBrainz but with better resolution)?
And in return: why in MusicBrainz I find only the references of the tracks in VIDEO_TS? Since MusicBrainz is a "Music Encyclopedia" I would expect the focus on the audio tracks, or at least on both!
Even stranger that (but maybe it's an editorial choice of these DVD-A) some tracks are found only in VIDEO_TS, in this case the "Rough Mixes" series.
Can anyone clarify the situation?
Thanks bye.

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