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cuetools verify then move

Hello, while I would have thought this would be a common question or request, I did not find anything in search or looking through the topic pages.

While using cuetools (2.1.6 or 2.1.7 currently) to verify some of my old rips, some of them will be verified against either AR or CTDB, and others will either be not found or found and not verifiable.

What I would like to accomplish, ideally without re-encoding or renaming anything, is to have CT automagically *move* the verified folder to a specified location.


drag/drop above folder onto CT and verify (or verify if found)
- ct verifies the rip >
- moves folder to verified destination (without re-encoding or renaming) \music\verified\artist-album
- processes next folder

If this is currently not possible, is this something the author would consider implementing?

to be clear, I do not need CT to do any tagging, renaming of files, or re-encoding.
just want to rename/move the folder with the previously verified files.
and not not move (or move to a different directory) any non-verified folders.

thanks for reading.

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