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EAC profile backup

I have spent quite some time setting up EAC on my computer. I'm about to do an Windows 10 re-install.

If I "save profile" from EAC does this save all my settings so I can simply restore them again after my fresh install is complete?

I have never done it before and wanted to check it would be OK first.


Re: EAC profile backup

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Before reinstalling I always backup my User folders. This normally keeps all the settings from various programs. I you reïnstall EAC, run it once and then overwrite the profile folder from your old User folder (only the EAC part!) you could end up having all settings restored.

I use this for Foobar and various other programs, not EAC but I think it could work the same.

Also keep the program files folder. Some programs store it there (+plugins if applicable)

Re: EAC profile backup

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My comments below assume EAC v1.0 or newer (current is v1.3).

EAC stores settings in the registry.

You can restore option settings using an EAC profile.
The 'New' button in the section at the bottom of the GUI window will create a profile of current option settings and is stored in
%APPDATA%\EAC\Profiles\ (usually C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Roaming\EAC\Profiles\)
Fairy's suggestion would be helpful to import your old profile(s) created this way to the above location after re-installation. Settings could manually be restored by selecting the appropriate profile from the drop-down list then using the 'Load' button[1].
Note: The 'Save' button is used to save changes to an existing profile. It will save the current relevant option settings and overwrite whatever profile is showing in the drop-down list without confirmation or warning. I now keep backups because I've accidentally screwed up a profile by clicking this button.

EAC>Profiles>Save profile (Shift+F2) will save an options setting profile to a location you choose. The settings profile stored with this method are the same as choosing 'All EAC options' using the other profile method described above.

The database (of previous rips and metadata) is stored in
%APPDATA%\EAC\ (usually C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Roaming\EAC\).
and the file is named CDDB.sdf

Plugin settings are stored separate in the registry.
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CDCoverDownloader  (This is the freedb Metadata Plugin)
Plugin settings are not stored in a profile. If you don't want to mess with the registry, make sure you make a record of any changes you made.

Keep a record of the 'Drive options'. This will be helpful if Windows doesn't identify your drive exactly as before.

A profile can only modify a setting that already exists in the registry. If you plan to restore your settings after a re-install using only a profile, you'll need to go through the complete setup and wizard in EAC to make sure all registry entries are written before you load the profile.

Re: EAC profile backup

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On my PC there are two sets of registry settings:

Is the first one from an older version of EAC?  If so, I assume it can be safely deleted.

Re: EAC profile backup

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The registry key changed with EAC 1.0b1 so yes. (you could export the old settings to a .reg file before deleting)

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