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ABX-Listening test - How-to?

I want to ABX-test 3 tunes to the public - here at hyrogenaudio for ex. - in 3 different formats.
I see several people posting Personal test, but I'm interested in several ears of the trained-one.

Is still the way to approach?
I saw a great initiative like on the forum, to use for a DIY-ABX-test online, but seems it never came that far, since it was too easy for fraud?

To conclude, where do I start?

Re: ABX-Listening test - How-to?

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Welcome to HA forums, snowseals :) would be a good starting point, if you'd like to ABX the tracks for yourself and if you'd provide those three tunes, any volunteer could pick 'em up for testing and present the results afterwards.


Re: ABX-Listening test - How-to?

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Thanks Maggi!
I'll dig in from there...

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