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Directshow Filters ???

Hi, my platform of choice is GNU/Linux and I have excellent Opus support through the GStreamer plugin.

Working on a small low-technical article on the various lossy audio codecs (mp3, aac, vorbis, opus) for a website and I am having some trouble finding info on Opus through Directshow filters.

I know opus has excellent support in foobar2000 and in VLC but I'm not asking what the options are, rather what the Directshow options are and if they add Opus support to media players based on Directshow.

I found this codec pack - www DOT vlccodec DOT com - but I honestly have no idea if it is malware trojan or a quality option, it seems to use the VLC brand name but I can't find reference to it on website and that trips a red flag for me (hence why I broke the URL - if it is trojan malware, I don't want search engines dinging HA for having link to it).

I found the Xiph provided codec pack but it looks rather old, and only mentions vorbis support - it doesn't mention opus support.

What, if any, is the Directshow filter that users of HydrogenAudio use for the Opus audio codec?

Thank you.


Re: Directshow Filters ???

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Does it mean MPC-HC totally abandoned its internal filters and only rely on LAV filters?

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