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Currupt outputs of EAC


Recentely I tried to extrack latest album by an Italian Cinematic Metal group, but the output of one song is currupt.

I sonder if it is because long song title.

"Of Michael the Archangel and Lucifer's Fall: Codex Nemesis Alpha Omega/Symphonia Ignis Divinus (The Quantum Gate Revealed)/The Astral Convergence/The Divine Fire of the Archangel/Of Psyche and Archetypes (System Overloaded)"

How the lenght of the title affects ripping and compression?
And how to fix this bug?

Redunng the title helps, but the log contains incomplete name then, so it's not a solution.

Re: Currupt outputs of EAC

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How long can a file name be?
It depends on the length of the complete path to the file (such as C:\Program Files\filename.txt). Windows limits a single path to 260 characters. This is why you might occasionally get an error when copying a file with a very long file name to a location that has a longer path than the file's original location.


Re: Currupt outputs of EAC

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You can always edit/shorten the file name before ripping and then correct the tag after EAC extracts.  Pretty sure it's the tag that you care about being correct not the file name.  If I recall correctly you double-click to edit the title in the EAC window.  After ripping use whatever tag editor you like; I like Mp3tag.

Re: Currupt outputs of EAC

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It's definitely a filename length issue. As mentioned above naming it to something shorter first will avoid errors in the future, or you can also try ripping the tracks to the shortest drive path, such as E:\example.mp3 or include it in a single character directory, eg: E:\a\example.mp3

EAC could better handle it though.

Mp3Tag can check if the path is too long and truncate accordingly with a custom Action, which is what I use to avoid read/write errors when tagging.

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