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Cuetools Batch Mode


I have about 20 cue sheets and FLAC files that I'd like to encode, and I see that Cuetools supports batch mode, but I cannot find how to use it anywhere.

Can somebody point me to the right page or give me a short explanation?



Cuetools Batch Mode

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Batch mode disables the popup windows so CUETools won't let you select which log file or artwork to use. Make sure they are named properly. Batch mode won't let you select or edit the tags. Metadata tags (and artwork) will be selected based on the settings on the GUI and in Advanced settings. Batch mode won't let you select which recovery record to use for a repair.

In version 2.1.4 and earlier, CUETools automatically switches to batch mode when you use Input:Multiselect Browser, Input:Drag'n'drop mode or when you select a folder (instead of a file) using Input:Folder Browser.

In version 2.1.5 and later, CUETools automatically switches to batch mode as before but only when what you selected includes more than one album.

Cuetools Batch Mode

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Oooookaaaaay! I was looking everywhere for an option called "batch" or similar!

If the indicated folder contains both cue sheets and the audio files, will it ignore the files and process only the cue sheets?

Cuetools Batch Mode

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It should. For Input:Multiselect Browser it depends on how far you expand the view. If you expand all the way to the files and the files are checked they will get processed. If you just check the parent folder without expanding, only the CUE file should get processed.

Cuetools Batch Mode

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Many thanks! 

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