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Interpreting CUETools verify output

Hi to All,

Recently CUETools started to write new format of its verify info, when one verifies a lossless rip against the AccurateRip db.

For example:
01    [fa0b92e5|d8a36c40] (12+07/86) Accurately ripped

My questions are:

- What does 12+07 means? What is the 12 and the is the 7. The older version only reported one number, like 27/86
- How to interpret if smallnumber/bignumber, like 4/102? Does it means, that probably the rip is _not_ accurate?

Thanks in advance.

Interpreting CUETools verify output

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Some pressings may have fewer database entries. Accurately ripped = Accurately ripped. 102 is total database entries of all pressings ARv1 or ARv2 (AccurateRip version 1 or AccurateRip version 2).

Edit: phrasing

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