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Can I use CUETools in a commercial project?

Hi guys,

I would like to use the ripping functionality of CUETools in a commercial
I'm a bit unsure about the licenses:
on sourceforge, dual licensing (GPL and LGPL) is mentioned:
in the source code, only the GPL license is mentioned:

Could you please confirm whether it's (also) under LGPL and thus can be used in a commercial project?
Are all components of the project under the same license?

I would only need the .NET libraries - link them at compile time and ship them with my application in an msi.

Thanks a lot!

Can I use CUETools in a commercial project?

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Sorry for late reply.
As a whole, CUETools and CUERipper are licensed under GPL;
Component libraries written by me are dual-licensed under LGPL.
Unfortunately, i have no control over licenses of some other open-source projects used by CUETools and CUERipper;
Taglibsharp is LGPL as far as i know; Bwg.* modules taken from BwgBurn project can be a problem, because the project is licensed under GPL. You might have to replace them or ask their authors about using them.
CUETools 2.1.6

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