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Filenames in CUETools


When I convert FLAC into WAV Files of a CD Rip, is it possible to tell CUETools to keep the original Filename?
Everytime the new files have different names.

Is there anywhere a manual for CUETools?

by the way, is this the forum, where the developers of the CUETools databse are?
Who developed it?

Is this the best forum for to ask questions concerning CUETools?


Filenames in CUETools

Reply #1
1) Did you try checking 'Keep original filenames' under Advanced Settings? (Audio Filenames section of the CUETools tab)

2) The CUETools wiki

3) See the [a href='index.php?showtopic=79882']CUETools DB[/a] thread. Grigory Chudov.

4) For general usage questions, you posted the topic in a good place (CD Hardware/Software). The [a href='index.php?showtopic=66233']development thread[/a] is getting too large (over 2500 posts) which can make it difficult for users to search for similar answers to your questions. That thread should be used for reporting technical problems or making feature requests.

Note: Please try to stay on topic. Only question #1 fits the title. You should have started a new topic for the other questions.

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